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bring out your dead!

I've been going through my piles of papers and other assorted junk in an effort to get rid of half of my baggage before the big move. I've already thrown out three Heft bags filled with receipts, newsletters, greeting cards and just plain garbage that I had saved for no apparent reason. I did come across some interesting things I forgot I had; a journal I kept the first month of my daughter's life, some poems I wrote in high school, and this:
[click for an incredibly large image] Now, at first glance, you may not know what this is (it's actually two separate sheets of paper combined in one image). But if you read this story and do a little Googling about dates and names, you may be able to figure it out. That's my "wintess" signature on the left (married last name blocked out for various reasons). If you think this is worthless junk, wait until I post all my high school poetry!


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Wow- I wondered if it was all an act or whether "A" was, in fact, that dim-witted. You've now confirmed it :)

Why Michele, how can you be so scornful about this chance brush with greatness?

Or should I say, largeness...

Normally, when a post is titled "Bring Out Your Dead", I'd post something witty like, "I'm not dead yet. (To which would be said: You will be in a minute, you know.") - But I guess that doesn't apply in this case.

As far s your brush with "greatness", I hope you got a penicillin shot after that experience.

"...some poems I wrote in high school..."

That's It??!! A passing mention?

Say it ain't so...post the best one, at least.

It's Anna Nicole & her 1000-year old husband!

I feel happy! [thunk]

Hello.can i make friends with you?