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I've been profiled!

By Norm, that is. Following in the footsteps of bloggers much bigger and better than myself, I am profiled in today's edition of Norm's weekly foray into the minds of men. And women. Thanks for the opportunity, Norm!


You're most welcome, Michele. And thank you.

You'd have dinner with Henry Rollins? You know he wouldn't. ever. shut. up. right? You might as well not invite anyone else.

Jesus: So there I was, on the cr-
Rollins: Let me read you another poem. This one's really deep. I wrote this while I was really suffering.
Jesus: But...
Rollins: My blistered heart...


I enjoyed reading about you. "An opinionated exhibitionist?" Aren't we all.

zippetty doo da
zippetty ayyy
my oh my what a wonderful day
oy vey
excellant mama
you rock and the world needs to know about it

Better than if done by the FBI, I would guess...

Though not better, I'm a much bigger blogger. I'm 225 lbs.




Sheesh: another '62 Robertson Davies fan. Who knew there was one?

"Fifth Business" was the first real book I ever read - and I only bought it because I thought it was a murder mystery. Saved me from a life of "Xaxaxalia: Sword Of Mighty Power Conquest" and Agatha bloody Christie forever.

I read it in college. My World Lit professor was a Canadian, so he insisted we read Davies. I devoured it, and have three more times since then.

Maybe I'm being an asshole, but is it really appropriate to talk, or joke, of "burning down" the UN, given how it has been targeted in Iraq?