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about that kerry leak

Inside job. [click for supersize] That ought to give you nightmares.


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I'm sure it would give Kerry nightmares. But I rather suspect Karl Rove would just love it.

Eh. It'd be worse if she weren't so nicely airbrushed.

This makes me want to die. And I'm a Democrat.


Root for Kerry to implode and risk Hillary entering the race as a Democratic messiah? Or root for Kerry to rebound and risk having this incident make him look even more like JFK than before? What's a conscientious right-winger to do??

SInce she got the "25th Toughest Guy in America" nod and Kerry got nada,I guess it's only the natural course of events.

If she runs ansd looses what are the odds that she and Bill will finally just fade away?

Jesus Matty and Felipe, could you guys be any more predictable??

Moving to France would be better than this.

If she runs, she'll win. Billions of Oprahfied soccer moms are waiting to push the button.

Hillary looks quite attractive in that picture. At least if she were our president she could put the old smooth-smoothie on the French.

So - at what point does Godzilla come on to that video screen and have the big final death match fight with Hillary-Rodan?

"Click for supersize?" Um, no thanks.

Headzero: I think at the end she's at the top of the Empire State building, swatting at airplanes....

Speaking of nightmares, I think John Kerry might want to edit one of his webpages.

Click on the link, and scroll all the way down to the bottom. The caption on the last photo is, "It's never too early to change the world -- women interns are our future!"

Never a truer word.

Why? I like intelligent humans running for President in 2008.


It's more frightening than anything else in this or any other election season, because there are non-voter women out there who will vote if a woman is on the ballot. Any woman, on either ticket. Extremely scary stuff.

Let Kerry crash and burn, let Bush boot Cheney, Ashcroft, and Rumsfeld once re-elected (if not much sooner in the latter two cases), and let Condi Rice be made VP. Then let's have us a Condi v. Hillary race in '08 and confuse the hell out of the centrists and any-woman-at-all voters.

Stephen: The only way we'll get rid of them is with garlic and sharpened wooden stakes.

Imperial Keeper

Norm says you're from LI. Explains a lot.

I did not sleep well last night, I'll have you know.

Pray to yourself, Allah, pray.

Why don't you guys just get rid of Bush? If he hadn't been such a bad puppet you wouldn't have to worry about who was running against him.

Airbrushed? Christ, she made out to look like Cameron Diaz! Whoever airbrushed that is a genius. Not even the old masters could have done a portrait that flattering.

I have been forced to survive several liberal Presidents. Voting against Johnson, Carter, and Clinton was good for my soul (and sanity), but just the thought of their foreign/economic policies give me the shivers. Dont even mention the lack of morality (and Nixon was no prize).

This is not the time for yet another elitist, skirt-chasing, career politician. We are at war.

If I have to, I can live thru another liberal administration. In about 10 years, after we have taken care of business.

Oh, and by the byeId rather my daughter date a Kennedy than see the Hildibeast in the White House (and that is saying something.)

>>>It's more frightening than anything else in this or any other election season, because there are non-voter women out there who will vote if a woman is on the ballot. Any woman, on either ticket. Extremely scary stuff.<<<

Yeah, that sufferage crap putting such power into the hands of such an irrepsonsible gender was the death knell for the country.