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a legend in my own mind

They're popping up everywhere. Everywhere you loo are these dumb memes that use some clever way to link blogs. There are maps and decks of cards and subway lines and interactive, zoomable linear points of blogging light. Whatever. Ok, so I'm bitter. I was first passed over at Der Kommisar's place when he made his Deck of Most Dangerous Bloggers cards. Now Aaron (who once begged me for a link) makes a Blogopoly game and am I anywhere on it? No. I'm not. That's ok. I don't need your stinkin' maps and games and flash presentations. I made my own little entry into this meme and it's the only one that matters. Presenting: The Blogiverse According to ASV: cou.gif [If you'd like to be the center of your own blog universe, I'll be happy to accomodate you with an image]


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I'll bite since no one else has. I'd love my own map, but, I wanna be in the bottom right corner. I couldn't deal with being in the center of my universe.

That sounds like fun! I never get picked for those backslapping popularity contests ;-)

"who once begged me for a link" LMAO

It's a blog-eat-blog world.

I don't need no stinkin' map, I can find myself all by myself.

Well, I didn't make the Commissar's map at first, I did make the Deck, but I didn't score with Aaron. But, Kim, the Rott, and Greyhawk did... so I guess mebbe it's a diversity thing.

Yeah, that's it - Aaron is a diversity guy!

You are my Kentucky Avenue, Michele.

I think the memes are ways for unknown bloggers to get their name out. You, Michele, seem to be among the creme de la creme and not need such tawdry devices. How many bloggers can get away with every one knowing who you are with only a first name to rely on? Glenn, Meryl, Venomous Kate, Charles, Tim. . . and Michele. That's one short list. Cool to you.

Yeah, but like many of us your still in the running for one of the Commissars empty wildcard slots! Maybe you can get affirmative action points for beinc a chick?

Your on my Favorite podes on my Myway page, if that counts for sumfin'.

Best pic I ever saw of someone's travels. I think that should go up in an art gallery. Neat.

I thought Dave Winer was the center of the universe?

who's this aaron dude anyways? oh.

i think i need to devise a way to kiss some elite blogger ass while at the same time being elitist to those i consider to be "lesser" bloggers. that center of the universe thing just doesn't cut it.

maybe i'll just start a meme where everybody renames their blog "Electric Bugaloo".

atleast you get a link from the puppy blender, which may or may not be over-rated

You mean you aren't Community Chest?

hmmm. Imagine that. A Blogger who thinks they are the center of the universe. I'm shocked. I get over 200 hits a day and even I think the world revolves around me and my blogroll.

and BTW, your skills with Photoshop are mad!

I know damn well I'm not the center of anyone's blogiverse. Half the time I'm not even sure that I'm paying attention to my (very) sporadic blathering.

As A DIFFERENT BILL noted, I did suggest by email after Michele's response that she is likely a "Community Chest" candidate for her Boobiethon.

It's tempting to replace the ingrate Yourish with Michele.

Bribery and sycophantry will be gratefully entertained.

Insofar as insignificance... I'm in the cusp of evolving into an Ecosystem human, for what it's worth. (I do wish the Ecosystem would do the equivalent of deleting a position for inactive blogs that once shined like Rachel Lucas'. Heck, you can't even see her archives.)

Oh, and there's a Blogopoly addendum. Take a peek.

Holy shit. I laughed out loud when I saw that image.
Hell, I can't even get my mom to read my blog. And I offered to pay her.

Is the offer still open, Michelle, I want one too!

It's funny, I saw that and immediately noticed that you were missing. In the "for what it's worth" category, The Command Post is on there, though......


Did you ever see the blogosphere maps (early in this meme-cycle)?

Blogosphere Map

Technoratisphere Map

In plenary session, following your silence on these matters, the Politburo had concluded that Comrade Michele did not wish to join the Revolution.

Suckups might merit their own piece. Sore losers might get demoted, like Meryl.

For the other wannabes, I'll also put up my citations (triple digits, not including days where I've had multiple articles and days where my lead was quoted by Hannity, Prager, Hewitt and Medved on the same day) in the Wall Street Journal's Best of the Web Today against any of you.

I do admire Michele's hatred of the Red Sox, and for that, I keep coming back for more.

Hey Legend, ya got your own friggin' city this time, in a key location, too!