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Tales From the PETA-Files, vol. 25

mmmmeat.gifSometimes you have to read between the lines - and behind them - to understand the news. For instance, the case of Dr. Atkins. Dr. Atkins, who died this past year when he fell and hit his head after slipping on some ice in New York City, weighed 268 pounds at the time of his death. That would make him obese. Hmm...a diet guru dies obese. Of course, plenty of anti-Atkins groups would like to jump on that story. Stuart Trager, chairman of the Atkins Physicians Council in New York, told the [Wall Street] Journal that Atkins' heart disease stemmed from cardiomyopathy, a condition thought to result from a viral infection.
Enter the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. They somehow received a copy of the medical examiner's report on Dr. Atkins. The ME's office said they received it by mistake. How that kind of mistake happens (oh, here's an autopsy report. Oops!). The Committee then gave the ME report to the Wall Street Journal and then the whole world was remarking upon the fatty death of the diet man. See! Look! Atkins is bad for you! We told you that it was an unhealthy diet. So, what is this Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and why are they so concerned about a carb-free diet craze and Dr. Atkins's death weight? Are they concerned with the health of dieters? Are they looking out for your best interest? Not by a long shot.
The late Dr. Robert Atkins is being smeared for his alleged obesity at the time of his death, by a phony doctors organization that has been exposed as a front group for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and has been censured by the American Medical Association (AMA). The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) has taken in over $1 million from PETA and the animal rights movement. PCRM and PETA also share office space, board members, and staff.
It's about the animals, stupid! This sham of an organization does not have your health interests in mind at all. In fact, the only interest they have is that of the cows and chickens and other furry little creatures that serve as nourishment for many of us. You know, they have a right to bitch about people being carnivorous. It's a free country. But don't lie to us. Don't try to pull the (aww look at the delicious little) lamb's wool over our eyes. Just come out and say it. Here, I'll even write the statement for PETA:
The People for Ethical Treatment of Animals is glad that Mr. Atkins is dead and we are going to exploit his death for all it's worthy by claiming it was his diet and his diet alone that killed him. Not the ice he slipped on. Not his heart disease. Nope, it was eating all those animals that did him in. We've been warning you for years that if the cholesterol don't kill you, the karma will. That's what you get when you eat chicken, beef and pork. You die. You die and you go to hell!
Ahh, I can hardly wait for the next PETA Hates Children escapade. They will probably stand in front of kindergartens and hold up photos of Dr. Atkins, scrawled with messages like God Hates Carnivores! or Your Daddy's Diet Causes Deaths! So what else is this phony physicians group up to?
Yesterday the PETA-funded group told selected media that it has written the 50 biggest U.S. school districts, asking them to "replace beef and other meaty items" with vegetarian cafeteria meals as a response to the recent news about mad cow disease.
Right. Mad cow disease. Uh huh. Exploit the news and use the fear to bring your agenda to a school near you. The most telling statement about this group of propaganda artists posing as caring physicians: "The American Medical Association calls them "potentially dangerous to the health and welfare of Americans." And the Smoking Gun is there.


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Didn't some study/investigation just show that the U.S.Mad-cow incident was limited to one,count with me veg-heads,ONE cow?Pitiful little people.I'm eating two steaks tonite.Rare.

Oh and Dr. Phil is so svelte.

As a close follower of Atkins critics, this is actually not news to me, the part about Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine being a PETA front. My Atkins board is constantly confronting their propaganda.

It's ridiculous to me the amount of bashing Atkins is taking lately (I know I won't be voting to reelect Mr. Mayor). The threatened industries are just as guilty as PETA. The National Wheat Council was issuing equally distressing press releases some months ago that just happened to coincide with the release of sales figures that for the first time in years had dropped by a noticable amount.

I'm 45lbs down, healthier than I have been in years, and I have Dr. Atkins to thank for that. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Or in my case the LC ice cream.

Thanks for this post, my dear.

PCRM has always been a nutso organization -- I just hope that this latest flop of theirs generates some heat & light on these scammers.

I think PETA is out of control. It is rude and totally out of line to dig this up about Atkins. Let the man rest in peace.

Okay, so I have my doubts about the Atkins diet -- it seems a little counterintuitive. Even so, tonight is a good night to eat half a pound of bacon in PETA's name.....mmmm.....bacon.

PETA, because cows are more important than you!

FYI I just found this:

Atkins Widow Sees Campaign Against Late Diet Guru
Mon February 09, 2004 10:52 PM ET

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The widow of diet guru Robert Atkins, who died last year after a fall, accused "unscrupulous individuals" on Monday of trying to use his history of heart disease to discredit his ideas about healthy eating.

Veronica Atkins issued a statement acknowledging that her husband had been diagnosed with a heart condition known as cardiomyopathy about three years before he died, and that he had had a cardiac arrest in April 2002.

But she said the condition was caused by a viral infection, and rejected any suggestion that he had died of a heart attack. "My husband's health problems late in life were completely unrelated to his diet or any diet," she said.

Dr. Atkins, who championed a low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet, died in April last year at age 72 after slipping on an icy sidewalk and hitting his head.

According to some estimates, about 10 million Americans follow the Atkins diet or some version of it.

His widow said she was speaking out because otherwise "unscrupulous individuals will continue to twist and pervert the truth in an attempt to destroy the reputation and great work of my late husband."

"These individuals have gone so far as to obtain my husband's personal and confidential medical information from the New York City Medical Examiner's office for distribution to news organizations in direct and knowing violation of federal law," she said.

"Obviously such people will have no trouble picking and choosing bits and pieces of fact and supposition to mislead the world."

Veronica Atkins did not say who she believed was responsible for accessing her husband's medical records.

"It has become clear to me that something as simple as the truth will be perverted and manipulated by dishonest individuals who will stop at nothing... to not only discredit my husband's work but profit from his death," she said.

She said her husband had "dedicated his life to solving one of medicine's greatest challenges -- the obesity epidemic"

Last month New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg sparked controversy when, during a lunch with Brooklyn firefighters, he described Atkins as "fat."

Veronica Atkins demanded an apology, and Bloomberg later offered to buy her a steak lunch to make amends.

There`s room at the table for all of Gods creatures...right next to the mashed potatos.

A good place for anti-PETA info is www.consumerfreedom.com. They are the ones who have been putting those anti-PETA ads on TV.

Just FYI...

Whatever, whatever, whatever.....but eating a fucking pound of bacon dipped in lard with butter on top IS NOT HEALTHY!

I love animals, both the cute AND the tasy!

(suddenly remembering that Denis Leary bit with the otter and the cow....)

"replace beef and other meaty items" - my school didn't have that kind of stuff. I wish they did. All we had were rubber meatballs that bounced 10 feet, and hamburgers that went through plate glass windows. I won't even go into the supposed hotdogs...

PETA is one of the few groups that drives me nuts. GreenPeace, WWF - both decent at least in their methods. PETA - extremists with a twisted agenda hell bent on using terroristic actions to force their opinions on others and then standing with that "What did I do wrong?" look.

They remind me of a saying a friend uses as his sig : "Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups." He also uses another funny one that fits the topic: "Eat Right. Stay Fit. Die Anyway."

Then of course there's my all time favorite line, from the greatest comic strip ever made (Calvin and Hobbes): "Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the Universe is that none of it has tried to contact us."

Hmm... maybe I just need more sleep :-)

... eating a fucking pound of bacon dipped in lard with butter on top IS NOT HEALTHY!

Says who? Nobody who hasn't been paid off by the wheat-and-corn growers, that's for sure.

If it really bothers you, there's South Beach. Same general principles as Atkins, but it maintains the conventional wisdom about "good fats" and "bad fats". Mmmm, grilled chicken!

I eat bacon. I cook with lard. I don't eat margarine. Eat butter. I eat beef, not so much chicken lately because I don't have as much control over how it's raised. I prefer my beef to be fed with what cows eat, not with other sick dead cows and cardboard.I smoke...drink beer. I just don't claim it to be HEALTHY. I eat grains and vegetables too. And I get off of my ass and move around. Lard is actually a "good fat" by what you infer to define. It depends on how it's used. Don't deep fry with olive oil, it turns toxic.
If you're going to make claims, get the facts straight. Thatisall.

As heinous and fanatical as PETA is, please see this post and you will understand why I have actually finding myself wishing something I never, EVER thought I would wish for, that a bunch of PETA people would come riding over the hill in a fury and hell, maybe even stay for a while in our little town.

It's a case of, "Hey, let's you and them fight!"


There is no actual proven link between bovine
spongiform encephalopathy (mad cow) and Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (human sponge brain). There are many similarities in the disease process, symptoms and effects of the two so a link of causality has been noted (and hugely exploited).

Steaks aren't a problem in any case. BSE is passed in bovines through the consumption of the brain matter and central spinal elements of an infected beastie.

In any case, I'm going to sacrifice an animal or two in PETA's honor today as a reward for their duplicity.

Our family has returned home to the US after living in Taiwan for 3 years. The Chinese diet is heavily rice and vegtables. If the atkins diet made any sense, everyone in that country would weigh 300 pounds.

It is staggering to live away and then return. You see how truely fat Americans are. The first week back I went to a WallMart with my young children. I had to leave without buying anything. They were laughing hysterically and totally out of control. "Look at her!!, Oh Oh do you see how big he is!!, AHHH, I don't believe that!"

Ted, about your children's manners...

I remember the "Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine" first in '90 or '91 when they had their first coup/hoax by releasing their new "Food Pyramid". Their press release was picked up by major newspapers (it was on the front page of a lot of newspapers Health or Science sections), who assumed that it was a committee of the AMA.

The most obvious change was the replacement of meat and dairy products with legumes. I, like others, thought: "WTF is a legume?". This was the very early days of the internet (meaning there were no ways to investigate this on your own) and it took days/weeks for the AMA to get the real story out. Thank God we now have the blogosphere to quickly debunk these losers!


I agree. We went and talked about it. But you have to understand, they were trying to be polite, they just had out of control giggles. They could not have been more amazed if the store was full of green space aliens.


The South Beach diet actually works pretty well. My wife has been on it for a little over a month and has lost over 10 lbs. The first few weeks are very hard tho, she was hating life, but, once she was able to start eating small amounts of rice and carbs and such, she was fine.


All we want is people to stop telling us what to eat.

I've been on Atkins for a month and dropped 16 pounds. You can't tell me you know for sure what is healthy and what is not any more than I can. But I do know one thing, when eggs, cheese, meat and vegetables are the core of your diet, and grains, milk and dairy are eliminated, you will feel way better and lose weight. I guarantee it.

and along with not being told what to eat by "authorities", some of us would really, really like to stop hearing about the carb-fixation, or the fat-fixation, or whatever, by the hardcore dieters.

it's gotten to the point where when you bring food to a potluck, someone looks at it and goes "ew...does that have SUGAR in it?" Even when it's a friggin' dessert!

damn skippy it does, my friend. I can't eat sorbitol (gastrointestinal nastiness) and I can't eat Splenda (the same) and I can't eat Aspartame (headaches) and I don't trust saccharine, regardless of what research purports to show, so I don't have a lot of other choices in my cooking.

oh, and if it's an apple pie - you better bet it has carbs in it. If that's a problem, you can have the beef jerky someone else brought.

I get really tired of food cranks. Either don't eat it and don't say anything, or eat it and stick more closely to your diet the rest of the week. Don't harrass me or browbeat me for the way I cook, just because it doesn't fit with your narrow view of what food is acceptable.

The man lived to be 72! That is above the national average...the diet couldn't have been all that bad. As a member of the medical profession, I know that it is possible to gain a lot of pounds in a short amount of time through fluid build up associated with the heart condition he allegedly had. Anyway, more to the point, when will PETA get it that people are animals, too??

And his weight at death was due to all the meds & stuff they'd been pumping into him while he was in a coma for a week....reportedly he gained 63 lbs. during that week. Which just goes to show you. Doctors & scientists are hazardous to your health.

The intuitively healthier diet alternative to both Atkins and South Beach is the Zone by Barry Sears. Unfortunately, he is not quite the self promoter that Atkins was and the Zone has sort of fallen by the wayside. It's a much more balanced approach to proteins, good fats and good carbs. AND, he includes the dreaded exercise as part of the program.
Works wonders and gives great energy and doesn't feel like a sacrifice. Hey, if it's good enough for Jennifer Aniston.....

FYI Mel, Atkins includes exercise as part of the program as well.

""replace beef and other meaty items" - my school didn't have that kind of stuff. I wish they did. All we had were rubber meatballs that bounced 10 feet, and hamburgers that went through plate glass windows. I won't even go into the supposed hotdogs..."

Seriously...mad cow disease would mean the meat came from cows not the grade F meat I was served which is mostly circus animals and filler.

Carbs are yummy. So are cows. I don't fit in with Atkins or PETA.

The Chinese diet is heavily rice and vegtables. If the atkins diet made any sense, everyone in that country would weigh 300 pounds.

The Chinese diet is heavily rice and vegetables but does NOT include nearly the amount of fatty meat, cheese, butter, bread, candy, and fried food the typical American diet does. If you eat primarily rice and vegetables, and not much else, then you're likely to stay thin. It's when you eat all those carbs AND all that fat and protein that you gain weight. The Chinese,for the most part, are also not nearly as sedintary as Americans.

Incidentally, Atkins doesn't prohibit non-starchy vegetables.

72 isn't above the national average. I've got the mortality tables to prove it (I'm an actuary).

In any case, I nearly bashed my brains out a couple weeks ago -- the sidewalks in NYC are treacherous in winter. And having seen my aunt, a skinny lady, blow up like a balloon in the ER, I can believe he gained 60 pounds in the hospital.

Considering PETA wanted to capitalize on Guiliani's prostate cancer, the answer is -- yes, they have no shame. But everyone should know that. They're just getting more and more crass over the years.

"Don't try to pull the (aww look at the delicious little) lamb's wool over our eyes."


They already did the whole 'santa isn't coming' thing, I don't think they figure anything is off limits.







Duh indeed.