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The Blogosphere Exit Poll (an experiment)

[Notice: See imporant update below] This is the first of three polls I. This poll will remain active for 24 hours. Please vote only once. You may use the comment section to discuss your choice. The political affiliation poll will appear each night. You only need to submit your answers to that poll once. Please encourage others to come and vote, as I would like to get a wide range of political views represented in the poll. Polls are below. Please see update below, also.
Update: I changed the categories so that Iraq-WoT-FP-Security are together. The poll has been reset so you may vote again. The political affiliation has been reset also because I forgot to include Libertarian. Sorry libertarians!
What Do You Consider the Most Important Issue of the 2004 Election
Health Care
Homeland Security/War on Terror/Iraq
Other (Specify in comments)
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Political Affiliation
Other (specify in comments)
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Living in NYC, I'd like it to stay that way. That is, living. That's my issue.

Actually, I'd make the case that two of the choices, the WoT and FP/Iraq questions are in a lot of was the same thing to quite a few folks, myself included.



I'm a "small 'l'" libertarian.

It's sad to see that education isn't number one. Without education (I think we've all been witness to 18 year olds typing "here" when they mean "hear"), does the rest even stand a chance of being handled properly? Start with the basics and build a good foundation on which everything can rely.

Like ScottC, I'm a small 'L' liberetarian.

Education isn't number one because many of us don't think more government intervention (especially at the federal level) is the answer.

Everyone, including English majors, makes homophonic typos occasionally, although many get corrected with proper proofreading. This is more a matter of either laziness or a prior setting issue (i.e. Is it really worth my time to proofread when readers will still get my point?).

What Do You Consider the Most Important Issue of the 2004 Election:

Choice: Other

I think the most important issue is the maintenance of our constitution. Political leaders are continuously passing laws that are against the values our country was based on. IMHO the single most important issue is getting rid of the Patriot Act.

People need to be able to govern themselves.

I will vote libertarian, even though I disagree with their stance on border control, I think they are the only political group that values the constitution and what it stands for.

We already spend too much on education. The problem with our education system is not how much we spend but how we spend it. The teachers should get paid more, administrators should get paid less. Parents of students and teachers should have more control over classroom environments and curricula, school boards/governments should have less.

The U.S. Department of Education was established on May 4, 1980 to strengthen the Federal commitment to assuring access to equal educational opportunity for every individual; supplement and complement the efforts of states, the local school systems, the private sector, educational research institutions, community-based organizations, parents, and students to improve the quality of education; encourage the increased involvement of the public, parents, and students in Federal education programs; and promote improvements in the quality and usefulness of education through Federally supported research, evaluation, and sharing of information.

It's not working, let's abolish it. That will create the savings the we are all looking for.
Oh, and get rid of Congressmen's pensions, while you're at it.

i will vote for the candidate with the best plan to deal with the crisis in our health care system, the dismantling of the public safety net, and the increasing numbers of people blocked from getting any coverage at all due to a badly designed system.

i think that my #2 item is the same as danno's #1, but i think we may have different ideas about the solution.

I chose education, in spite of the fact that the federal role in education has traditionally been limited (though not limited enough for Easycure).

If we don't find innovative new ways to greatly improve our entire educational system, and instead continue down the road on which we currently travel, we will eventually become a marginalized economic has-been that few terrorists would be interested in bothering to attack.

By "innovative new ways", I primarily mean changing our public education system to make it more efficient, effective and empowering - NOT scrapping it altogether in favor of a far less egalitarian private-school based system.

In MA, Independent is a registered party, so at the primary season, MB is listed as "Undeclared", which is quite true; she has no formal political affiliation by choice.

You do realize, Michele, that if you hosted this poll on Eschaton, the budget deficit would likely take first place?

It's not exactly a scientific sampling.

Maybe not scientific, but a fair representation of the opinions of the folks that pass through her blog...

Political affiliation - other. I'm Canadian, so don't count in your voting. If I was American, I'd be centrist Republican.

Political Affilifation result: Libertarian 14%, Democratic 15%

I realize that the "A Small Victory" readers subset of the "Blog readers" subset of the "Internet Users" subset of the general electorate probably skews libertarian, but ... YEAH BABY ;)