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inside baseball

I don't care if "baby with two heads dies" sounds funny to you. Keep it to yourself. Making jokes or snarky comments about a baby dying is just wrong on so many levels. Being offensive for the sake of being offensive works for some people - it doesn't work when your schtick is obvious and you have to work too hard for that extra offensive edge. It's not funny. It's pathetic. Also, can you please stop acting like five year old children? Do not, under any circumstances, ever send me an email asking me not to link to a certain person because you have a beef with them. That's a sure fire way to get me to have a beef with you. Grow up, already. And in the same vein, don't chastise me for linking to/reading someone I've had past issues with. I've never been good at holding grudges. It feels much better to let them go. Try it some time. I just needed to get that off my chest. I try to save this crap for Saturday nights when no one is really reading, anyhow.


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Feel the love this weekend. People are sick. I have had it with some people.

Amen, Michele... There should be lines that shouldn't be crossed, and when your favorite blogger goes over the line they should be called on it (e.g. Misha).

BTW, as an outsider (troll??), I note that many a blogger has a thin skin and doesn't get over grudges easily. For example what's the status of:

Moxie vs. Moxie
Meryl vs. Dean
V. Kate vs. DaGoddess
Sugermama vs. Faith

Some may enjoy these fights, I don't. Make up people (If you haven't already)

I think you missed the point. The walrus was SUPPOSED to eat the celery, or else he wouldn't have any tango lessons on his cruise to Fiji!

Just my stab at not "really" reading you on Saturday night.

Eww. Someone actually asked you not to link to another party because they are mad at 'em?

Just...eww. Tacky!

"Two-headed baby dies" does sound funny, but not like ha-ha funny -- it's startling funny, odd funny, the sort of funny that no matter how many times you read it, no matter how well you know the actual story, you still get startled when you read the headline, chuckling for a moment at the absurdity of a two-headed person before you catch yourself, realizing that it's real, there's really a baby that was born with a second head, and then it died.

Yeah, it's "Weekly World News" funny, until you realize you read it in a real paper...

Drama is where you find it.