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choose your own (blogging) adventure

Hey! Look at me! I'm actually leaving the house. It's been ten days since I've gone outside except to go the doctor's office twice. It's been eleven days since I have driven myself anywhere. I'm going to the bank. That's right - an exciting trip to the bank, and maybe a stop at the grocery store. Live dangerously, that's my motto. Anyhow, I can't decide what subject I want to tackle later on. Would you rather hear about my Rocky Horror days (no, I never dressed up) or would you rather I write a scathing rebuttal to James Lileks's assertion that Yes wasn't a good band, which would include another long, rambling essay about 80's music. Door number one or door number two? You decide, I write. How's that for democracy?


Totally 80's! Totally 80's!

You can NEVER go wrong with Rocky horror picture show strories....EVER

You must uphold the honor of the 80's!!

I saw Yes on their first tour opening for Emerson,Lake and Palmer.Turn Lileks!

I think it's your duty to explain Rocky Horror to me and the other confused, misguided individuals... Besides, do you really want to go up against Lileks?

Heck, do both, I'd like to see if it's possible to defend our youthful tastes (Don't forget that "Total Eclipse of the Sun" was # 1 for like 10 weeks)

I don't put much faith in chart rankings. "Total Eclipse of the Heart" was also a #1 single. Ack. :)

Door number two. No, wait, the box, the box!

Go after Lileks!

Hey, I like "Total Eclipse of the Heart" (the techno remake a few years ago was pretty awful though). OTOH, the video still makes no sense (I saw it on VH1 last week).

Anyway, Michele, the Yes thing. (Ok, ok, I don't really like Yes that much, but I wanna see Lileks go down ;-)

Heyyyy, I saw Yes on the 90125 tour. At least I think it was Yes. I had the 2nd to last row allllllll the way back and to the top of the Riverfront Colliseum. I'm probably the only non-stoner to own every Yes album, even the stuff from 1973-1980.

Rocky Horror, most definitely.

Yes = "arrgghhh" for me.

Yes, I mean, Yes. Cover, Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

I'm not in the habit of saying this, but ... Lileks is right on this one. Yes is pretentious, artsy-fartsy, over-intellectualized garbage. Tales of Topographic Oceans? Are you kidding me?

Three chords, three minutes, period.

Yes sucks. Now try and convince me otherwise!

I liked Lileks' post, but I must disagree with him on Yes. Tell him why, Michele! Yeah, they were artsie, but damn fine musicians.

Curtain number two, Monty!

Yes sucks, and Rocky Horror has made it to mainstream cable, but is as good as ever. Go with Rocky...

I am really, really pissed. I just found out they closed the disco at Auschwitz! I have plans to go there this summer (and other Polish camps, I've been to them all in Deutschland) and dancing with fellow "in the knows" would have capped off the day spectacularly. "Disco inferno" would be the song of choice.

What a great disco! You'd never run out of soap in the bathroom. Lampshades for everyone (not just the drunks) to wear. I heard the weather wasn't so good - it's always showering!