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morning observation on last night's tv

Did anyone catch Andrew Sullivan on Bill Maher last night? He came out with some really good lines, especially to Rob Schneider (who is not half as funny as he thinks he is). Suprisingly, Maher was very entertaining last night. Say what you want about him, but the hallmark of a true comedian is someone who can make me laugh even when I am disagreeing with what he is making jokes about. And, oddly enough, I found myself agreeing with him on many points. Hell, even Carol Moseley-Braun was funny. I guess I should give the show a chance - it seems to be ok as long as Ted Rall or Ann Coulter aren't on. Before Maher came on, I was tuned in to MTV2 for a good portion of the night. They were running a Beavis and Butthead marathon. Timeless comedy, folks. Timeless comedy. I have the DVD collection, but it doesn't include all the portions where B and B are watching music videos, which is generally a highlight of the show, so I especially enjoyed seeing all those clips again last night. Call me immature (and I'm sure you have), but B and B singing "Breaking the Law" is comedy gold. I also watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Bravo. But that gets its own post, in a bit.


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He's appearing on Maher and the back of Time Magazine, and yet he's still begging for cash on his site like a pauper.

Doesn't pass my smell test. Say what you want about his conversation skills, I still this he's "slumming it" and should switch his tone from PBS-alarmist from begging to selling (aka Rush Limbaugh and other commentator/pundits with online presences).

I ordered that "best of beavis and butthead" dvd collection and felt totally ripped off. I knew it didn't have the music video sections, but it also doesn't even have the 2 original Cornholio episodes in it. Bungholes.

Sullivan was good...Schneider was lame...and the "red/blue" shirt zinger was very humorous.

An Braun was, well, herself. She was obsessed with the Orwell theme. She has a pretty smile, though.

Maher was 80% pinhead, 10% funny, and 10% correct. Par for the course.

I think that was why I wasn't bothered by Braun's obsession with Orwell last night. Her smile is hypnotizing. Must be some kind of mind meld thing.

That whole red/blue segment was hysterical.

The only part of B & B I liked was the music videos. But I liked the videos a lot.

Huh-huh huh-huh huh-huh huh-huh.

I miss B & B. I was stuck to Rocky Horror last night too, and now I've got the songs in my head. All. Damn. Day.

True story: Braun is from Chicago, and once got a friend of mine suspended from school when he tried arguing with her on a speech she was giving, where she said that white people have consistently tried to hide the fact that Egypt was ruled by black people.

Kinda colors my view of her.

As for Maher: The rant on southerners repelled me. Maher needs to know that southerners have consistently and inhesitantly voted for non-southerners in almost every Presidential election when they had a chance.

Calling them ignorant stupid ill-bred morons for refusing to vote for non-Southerners, when in fact they've voted for countless non-southerners (like Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Nixon, Reagan, and George H.W. Bush) displays both a huge historical ignorance and a willingness to stereotype people while displaying that ignorance.

I'm ranting, but maybe you just have to have Southern roots to get this. Republican operatives should get a copy of that video and distribute tends of thousands of free copies all over the south, especially at Democratic campaign rallies between now and November.

It was horrible, it was mean, and it was inaccurate. I wasn't exactly disappointed, since I've always found Maher shallow, but this was over the top for me.

Maher's jumped the shark. He used to be a guy like Jon Stewart who'd riff on both sides and put the humor ahead of the politics. Ever since the backlash on his September 11 remarks, I get the sense that he's drifted leftward.