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everything looks like this after a few shots, anyhow

This is your tequila. This is your tequila under a microscope. Also check out the drugs (Tylenol is my favorite) and the beer (Corona looks good). There's also pesticides, vitamins, and some molecule art. This site is so fascinating and educational I think it will make up for the three straight hours of watching Beavis and Butthead tonight.


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Looks like my tequila in the morning.

Looks like what I see when I close my eyes after drinking too much tequila!

Did you ever look at your hand? I mean really look at it?


I like the tequila picture best -- I looks like real modern art. It's like Matisse on acid ...

Mezcal looks much the same as tequila, except for the worm.

Oh my God, the worm! It has teeth, and it's COMING RIGHT AT US!

Whew, bad Mezcal flashback there. The images are seriously cool, though. Thanks much!


Obviously, Michele got hold of some good blotter and is not sharing!