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Item #1: Tom Donelson has just published a new book, Empire of Liberty, and yours truly is quoted in it. Tom's a nice guy with many interesting things to say. The short blurb: The debate is on, what will America’s role in the world after 9/11 be? Mr. Donelson seeks and gives his answers to these and other questions. Something most of you have an interest in. You can order the book here. Second item on the agenda: When I head to NYC in August to cover the GOP convention, I will meet up and drink with the ultra-famous Tim Blair, who will also be providing fair and balanced coverage of said convention. Tim says he will introduce me to the New York's Australian Mafia. Yea, I never heard of them either, but he swears they rule NY. Third item: Today's Achewood. Fourth and final item: Oh no. The other side of the evening entails an agenda that includes a delicious surprise mp3 for you all to download, listen to and enjoy like there's no tomorrow. Go read Achewood again. It was that funny.


Ha! that Achewood was the best!!

That was one of the funnier strips that Onstad's done in a while.

While we're talking about Phillippe's campaign, is it me, or does he seem a little like Howard Dean? Check out the strips from 1/30 ("Phillippe for America") and 2/2, where he gets all angry.

I'm just sayin' is all...

Man am I out of it. I thought the jews ran New York.