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trapped in reality (a cry for help)

Things I failed to mention in the post below: I am addicted to Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. Admit it, you think Nick is hot, too. Worse than that, I have become re-addicted to American Idol. So much so that I have even made my picks: Matt is my favorite so far. He'll make it to the final three. Others that I think have the potential to make it: Elizabeth, Erskine, Donnie, Jennifer and the pen salesman. Amy - she was born to play Columbia in a stage adaptation of Rocky Horror. I'm even starting to believe that Simon is cute. Not as cute as Paula, but cute enough. Oh god, help me. Please. If I don't get an intervention soon, I'm liable to start watching My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance. Then it's all over but the bon-bons and housecoat. Update: It looks like Mr. Smash has found a reality show worth watching. I'd like to be a judge on that one.


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matt is MY favourite too (sure he's 10 years younger than me, but a girl can dream can't she?!?)um... and he has a nice voice.

So you like reality shows, huh?

Have you seen this one?

i'm surprised the site didn't go thru 37 design changes since you've been home...

Oh, THERE'S my sister. Sure, she shows up in the comments to leave a snarky remark, but do you think she called me ONCE while I was home, dying on the couch? No, she didn't.

I could have been dead here and you would have never known!

Nick is hot! If you start watching Newlyweds you can't stop, look out for the marathons, don't plan on having to go anywhere. I watched The Surreal World last week. I think Vanilla Ice is hot. Ron Jeremy, Erik Estrada, I think it could be addictive.

Is Matt still in?! I thought he got cut. I fell for him when he came out of the first tryout and started singing opera in the lobby. :)

DeeGee walks up to the podium... "Hi. My name is Dee, and I'm a sellout to American Idol, too."

Support group says, "Hi Dee!"

I love Matt and want to bring him home. After Erin, of course...

Not only am I addicted to Nick and Jessica (I'd do her long before I'd do Brittney!) but now those bastards at MTV put Carmen and Dave on after Nick and Jessica just to suck me in!!

Michele, I'm afraid cold turkey is the only way you're going to get out of this thing alive! As far as I'm aware, there is no patch.

Please have your spouse use the V-chip right now to lock you out of any and all brain-mush inducing content, until the cravings have passed...

thank you for sharing Matt, DeeGee... although i would gladly give him up for Nick and Troy (not nick of newlywed fame - nick and troy of The Apprentice...) man, i loves me the redheads... especially the reality show redheads. damned leprechaun fetish i have. sigh



I confess. My boyfriend and I watched "The Apprentice" last night, which has to be the absolute lowest of the low. But somehow it got its hooks in us. By the end we loved Nick and hated Heidi and couldn't believe they fired Christie.

How did that happen? I just wanted to watch it long enough to make fun of The Donald's painfully bad rug.


heidi looks like a crack skank in my opinion (not that i've met crack skanks all that frequently in my life)

I'm not too proud to admit that I have been watching the Apprentice. I'm not sure how it happened since I was only going to watch it for a few minutes, but here I am, multiple episodes later.

I'm so ashamed.

But not ashamed of watching American Idol. Simon's my man.

(glad you're feeling better, Michele!)

Jessica is hot, in a "dumb as a box of rocks" kind of way.