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Use Your Illusion II

I'm trying to get my blogging mojo back. Until then you'll have to settle for painful images and references to horrible Guns N Roses albums.


I'm as ready as I'll ever be for your "Spaghetti Incident" allusion.

Yessss massssterrrr...

While the album was extremely self-indulgent, I wouldn't go so far as to classify it as "horrible". You could condense the two of them down into one album that has 12-15 pretty good tracks. You just have to sort through the "Get in the Ring" type filler and lousy remakes.

and if GnR isn't enough for you, check out the kiddie tribute band LilGnR... if nothing else, you at least have to see the audition video...

Did you know that if you spin that black and white vortex fast enough it will change colors?
It changes from one color to another, through all the colors in the spectrum.
Cool huh?

"Appetite For Destruction" is now 17 years old. Fuuuuuck.

Thank you, Jerry Andrus.

Slash. Man, I still have a monster crush on him. He moved in ways that made me all twinkly in my no-no place.

Spinny-thing evil. Get back on the couch. Now.

Yeah the SI was tres crap. Of course, Skid Row didn't get the picture and did a similar type album. Why, oh why, do artists think we need to hear their interpretations of other band's songs (on CD)? If you don't have a new ideas, don't do anything...yeesh.

Sing it, Mr. Dodge! SI was the epitome of laziness and ego. It might as well be karaoke if you're not going to do anything interesting with the original material, IMO.

I saw a video for the Jimi Hendrix song Skid Row covered on a public access metal program last week, in fact. Sebastian and crew seemed out of their element.

As for the two "Use Your Illusion" albums, I agree with Bill McCabe that it could be edited down to one decent release.

Use Your Illusion could have been one of the monster albums of all time if they had skipped the idea of making it two albums.

LOL....when I met a very good friend in college he had 7 total CD's.....GNR's Appetite, Lies, Illusion, Spagetti capped by Slash's Snake Pit and even Duff's band.

Now he likes adult contemporary.....go figure

Ryan, does your friend have to avoid spicy foods as well? :-D


"Ryan, does your friend have to avoid spicy foods as well? :-D"

LOL. This is even funnier knowing that at one time we staged a mini-intervention about his Tums habit.

He still "rocks out" arena style with the Hair Band tour every year(poison, winger, dokken, cinderella etc). But that makes it all the sadder.

did you notice that "with your bitch slap rappin' and your cocaine tongue" is in the liner notes for "Appetite"? That line was either around a while without a song or "You Could Be Mine" was an old one.