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songs I Love

Here are some songs that I love 1. Seasons in the Sun, Terry Jacks 2. Words, the Bee Gees 3. If You're Going to San Francisco, Scott McKenzie 4. Blowin' in the Wind, Bob Dylan 5.Puff the Magic Dragon, Peter, Paul and Mary 6. Tiny Dancer, ELTON! 7. I'm Still Standing, ELTON! 8. Both Sides Now, Judy Collins 9. Mellow Yellow, Donovin 10. Billy Don't Be A Hero, Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods 11. Dust In The Wind, Kansas 12. Pleasant Valley Sunday, the Monkees 13. Me and You and a dog Named Boo, Lobo 14. Big Yellow Taxi, Joni MItchell 15. Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In, the Fifth Dimension I believe this is a fairly representative list of some of the finest music the last century had to offer! Sorry about the two Eltons, but he is very dear to me! Lawrence Johnson


"Afternoon Delight" should be on there somewhere. And where's Clarence Carter's "Strokin'"?

I tried to read the list of songs, but fell asleep halfway through.....zzzzzzzzzz

Stinking hippy.

Just sayin'.

A little lame, man.
Check out some of the other lists if you aspire to coolness. OK some of Elton's stuff is not bad, but not the ones you listed.

Oh man.

I've never seens such concentrated evil in a list of songs before....

I sent someone a list of songs they should play to torture Saddam. I'm sure it had "Seasons in the Sun" and "If you're going to San Francisco"
in it, but I forgot "Both Sides Now"

How about "All By Myself" and "Somtimes When We Touch" to add to the Saddam torture list.

My husband I are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary in January and like the song written by Bonnie Tyler "Sometimes When We Touch" We think it is sung by Dan Hill. We would like a copy of the lyrics