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Alex Moon's CD

Here we go: 1] AC/DC For those about to rock 2] Metallica - Enter Sandman 3] VAST - Glory Hole 4] Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devil 5] Guns n' Roses - Paradise City 6] Tom Petty - Free Falling 7] Bush - Glycerine 8] Joan Jett - Crimson and Clover 9] Bob Seger - Turn the page 10] Queen - Fat Bottomed Girls 11] Dire Straights - Money for nothing. 12] Elton John - Don't let the sun go down on me 13] Don McLean - American Pie [don't know if this counts as rock, but since it's about Rock and Roll, it should be included IMHO.] Posted by Alex Moon


I love turn the page! Cued on musicmatch at home right now. As for the others; love Dire Straits,Queen and that particular Tom Petty song.

Finally a list I know most of the songs on.....yes I'm getting old