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My CD list

After seeing this, I realize that I am in time to get in on this one. This was, however, much harder to keep to 10 songs, though much more interesting this way. My list: # Substitute, The Who # Everybody's Got Something To Hide (Except for Me and My Monkey), The Beatles # A Town Called Malice, The Jam (the token ballad on the CD) # Complete Control, The Clash # Holy Wars (The Punishment Due), Megadeth # Hello from the Gutter, Overkill # Mayonaise, The Smashing Pumpkins (this one's just for Michele....) # Negative Creeep, Nirvana # Die with your Boots On, Iron Maiden (Off of Live After Death) # It's My Life, No Doubt (the token cover song on the CD) Mike, (blogless)


Mike, I think "Absolute Beginners" is more of a ballad than "Malice."

Thanks for the inclusion of Mayo. No collection would be complete without it.

It's My Life is fairly balladesque, too, but it's a decent cover. Not sure if No Doubt could pull off a cover of the other "It's My Life."