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Marty's ten songs

1. Number of the Beast Iron Maiden (preferably off Live after Death) 2. Here I go Again Whitesnake (either off Slide it In or 1987, not the "radio edit") 3. Paradise City Guns n' Roses 4. Werewolves of London Warren Zevon 5. Livin' After Midnight Judas Priest 6. Wake up Dead Megadeth 7. 10,000 Lovers in One TNT 8. No More Tears Ozzy Osborne 9. After the Rain Nelson 10. Somebody Save Me Cinderella There were quite a few bubbling under, but this is not a bad list. There are quite a few permanent members of this list, however three or four might drop off depending on my mood.



Their debut is a classic AOR album. I know that most people couldn't get by their daft haircuts. They are, in fact, still going strong...shock horror they are still very big in Japan.