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Rockin' with Eddie T.

Oh, how fun! I've always wanted to do this. Ok, tunes that really rock for Eddie's ultimate CD: (I'll try to do this somewhat chronologically) 1. Rock Around the Clock -- Bill Haley and the Comets 2. She Loves You -- The Beatles 3. Last Time -- The Rolling Stones 4. Rock and Roll -- Led Zepplin 5. Born to Be Wild -- Steppenwolf 6. Highway Star -- Deep Purple 7. Back in Black -- AC/DC 8. I Want to Be Sedated -- The Ramones 9. Bringin' On the Heartbreak -- Def Leppard 10. A Million Miles Away -- The Plimsouls 11. Alex Chilton -- The Replacements 12. Here Comes Your Man -- The Pixies Ok, I kinda stopped there in the '80's, didn't I? Well, if Michele lets us do this again, I'll come up with volume II. Thanks, Michele. You rock!


Excellent choice on Alex Chilton.

Ditto. The Replacements were awesome.

Thanks. I always thought Paul Westerberg was underrated as a songwriter.

Love Alex Chilton. Great choice.