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what the hell am i doing here

To make up for the crazy dots: [click for supah size] [as my husband's manager it is my duty to tell you that he will be taking orders on prints starting next week]


Oooh. Nice, Justin. This is my favorite ever.

If Modigliani had been born and raised in Japan, I think he would have painted something like this.

Do you see it?

Hey, can anybody tell me what pajama size Michele wears, in men's or women's?


Good, I was wondering this monring. Get him to put up a gallery. Big huge watermarks to prohibit stealing is ok.

Now go to bed!!


Monring. That's latin for "morning."

Wow ... that is fantastic. When I'm in yr town next, can we come gawk at the paintings and buy a couple to take home?

(For many reasons -- including lack of wealth, lots of weirdly talented visual-artist pals, etc. -- all my Art was bought from people I at least sorta know. The crazy thing is how nicely they all work together ... as if all the paintings are from some Mysterious Skool 'o Art yet to make the textbooks.)

FINALLY.....how long have we all been asking if we can buy some of his work??

I want one of these. Sign me up!