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i'm a creep

You can take the person away from the blog but you can't take the blog away from the person. Or something like that. I just miss being mean.


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Auugghh!! My eyes!!

Great... now I'm seeing spots.

I must be sick, too.


Dang. I wish I had to tell people not to buy stuff off my wishlist. So, if you still want to buy stuff for people follow the link to my site and go to town on that sucker.

Oh, and get better Michele.

That was supposed to end up on the last post.

That's not being a creep. If you want to be a creep, take this Scottish-American into a round room and tell me there's a quarter in the corner.

Curse you, woman. Curse you.

It looks like you might be starting to feel a bit better. Meanness (sp?) is a good sign!
Get Well Quick

You mean count the PIXELS?

Curse you! I have a big monitor and have the resolution cranked all the way up. I'll be here all night!


AUGH! I can't take it anymore!

So cool. Black dots, but never when you look right at them.




Could be worse, Michele could have tiled it to be the blog background.

Could be much worse.

Great. Now I'm blind. Are you happy?

Sure MOG - give her ideas like that!

There are four lights!

I feel a seizure coming on onononononononononononononlsdkjfsdhlfksj hasasv


Ow. Ow. Ow. Must not succumb to headache.

I was already blind (after a fashion). Now what? On the other hand, I already see double if I look straight ahead--how much worse can racing dots be?

Much worse, actually.