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She's Going To Kill Me

Guest entry removed. I have mono, people. I'm not dying. I appreciate the intention the guest poster had here, but I have a virus. Save the bake sale efforts for when I need to be bailed out of jail or something like that. [I left the comments because y'all are so nice]


Michele: Get well, dammit! That means putting the bod ahead of the blog until you're back at your usual 104%.

Get well soon, Michele. I won't bother to tell you to keep in the bed and off of the blog 'cause if there's one thing I know after reading you for half a year it's that you are one stubborn cuss and you're going to do what you want anyway. ;-)

I would however "advise" bed rest until you feel better, which I hope is mighty soon.

Michele: Feel better or the Red Sox will kidnap Jorge Posada.

Michele, don't forget to take a shower. I hear you need one.

Michele, hurry up and get better....your adoring fans need more blogging! And don't even think about blogging while you're sick...we'll tell your mom on you!

Michele, I hope that you get better soon. Take the time to rest and heal. This blog and your friends will be here when you get back. Your health is more important right now. I know you may be bored but this is the time to rest.


As I am a husband who has done many, many (MANY) things that my much-better-half has had to endure -- and not less than a few done with her benefit in mind -- I can attest to you that any ranting you gave your husband for abusing your password is allowed, but only to a point.

Because this man has shown how much you mean to him, and how he wants to you feel better again soon.

And as a reader, allow me to enter my $.02 in that direction as well!


Get well soon, Michele! I miss reading your snarky posts 'round here.

Sending healing energy your way... May the postman herniate his back with all the gifts he must deliver to your door.


Get well soon. You are my blog heroine. I look up to you. You are a roll model now. You don't want to make me think it is ok to put myself in danger when I am seriously ill do you? DO YOU? Now how would that look to posterity? Can you see the headlines? "Blogger callously ignores her influence as a mentor and role model to young bloggers." They are all selling their bodies on the streets for smack after all their hopes and dreams were crushed. It'll be on Dateline. Then you'll be sad. All because you ignored your health and were a bad example for our impressionable minds.

Take Care Now!

P.S. Seriously, take care.


I'm a patient critter. I ain't going anywhere soon.

So please take the time to give the body its' due resting/healing/feeding, etc..

When you return to full blog-mode, I rather suspect you will have plenty of spleen about life, the universe, and everything, and will tell us all in no uncertain terms how you feel about these things.

And thanks for blogging.


ok, Michele. get well soon, or i start singing George Michael songs.

and if that doesn't work, i'll try some Backstreet Boys songs.

and if that doesn't work... i'll start spelling your name with two L's.

and if that doesn't work... i'll have the Michael Bolton Anthology sent to you. with a few Celine Dion CD's thrown in for good measure. you'll either get well, or kill yourself.


Get well.

I'm not sure how to motivate you to get well but I'll try. (The most motevational dude I met was my DI in Army Basic)


I really hope you feel better soon.

Please don't push yourself though.

We'll all be here when you get back. :)


not to beat the phrase to death, but I would like to say "get well" also. :)
And don't let the call of the blog get you out of bed before you are well. That can be not so happy.

I know the song that will get you up and blogging again...


c'mon guys, everybody together!


what's your price for flight?

Dont take this the wrong way but there has been a few postings already about helping michelle either through laptop fund or gifts.

Its not that I dont want to help but its been mentioned and the regular blogers know where the buttons on the side are if they can give.

So please stop mentioning donations. I will help when I can.

Please be concentrating on the getting-wellness, O Great One...

(...I thought about doing some voodoo for your health, but I don't recall you ever telling if you're Orthodox Voodoo or Reformed, so I don't know if I should dip the horsehair into real cow's blood or a glass of Manischewitz before lighting it on fire...)

Get well haikus for Michele:

How Bleak my Desk-Top

How bleak my desk-top!
How bereft my heart without
'A Small Victory'!


The Message

Evil mono cells,
unhand Michele at once, don't
make me come in there!


The Audience

Despite our longing,
all coughing and shuffling feet.
We wait for Michele.

And that's the best I can do at the moment.



...and FIND-ing Mister Right...

(cursed song)

Michele -

If you read this - I put "Baxter" in the mail today! A nice sick subversive film about a Bull Terrier who speaks French should make you feel better ...

Get well!

You'll be alright tonight

Babe you know
You're growing up so fast
And mama's worrying
That you won't last
To say let's play
Sister Christian
There's so much in life Don't you give it up
Before your time is due
It's true
It's true yeah

You guys are freakin mean.
Motorin'....what's your......


I like goils
Bad goils all over this world

Get bettah, babe!

Why don't you love me anymore?

I was in so much pain when I had mono, the sweet doctor was nice enough to give me percs.

Damn, that was fun. NOT! ;)

I had it, too. Brutal. Lost a ton of weight and was sick as a dog for months.

Best regards and get well, if not soon, then completely.