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Husband here. She's a liar. She moved the couch, not me. I sent her back to bed and she won't be back here for a couple of days.


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Thank you, husband.

Now ask her to turn my guest login back in so I can give her something to worry about while she's recuperating. I've got a whole bunch of retro-80's topics to drone on about that just don't quite fit in the rabid wingnut madness of ATS which would be perfect here. ;)

Respect the authoritah!

Thank you, Justin.

I'm with Lair. Turn the guest logins back on. All that fear-sweating should keep the fever broken.

Watch her like a hawk, Justin...

Get plenty of rest and completely forget this place for a little while, Michele. Enjoy mindless cartoons, Orange Juice by the gallon, and lots of hot soup with Goldfish crackers to float on top. Catch up on your comics reading. Listen, reeeaallly listen, to a good album all the way through. Watch soap operas with the sound turned off and make up all the dialogue. Think up a good short story and write the entire thing, start to finish, in your mind.

Everyone will be here when you get back. Take care.

How many chloroform-soaked rags did it take?

Michele, this foe is beyond you. Get some rest.
(First and last image, promise.)