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Worst. Week. Ever.

Yea. It is. And it's not even halfway over. My dear husband (who I think is doing this just because he's sick of me whining) has moved the couch over in front of the computer and hooked up the wireless keyboard and mouse. So I'll be obeying all of my doctors (that means you), but I'll still be able to blog. Is that ok with you guys or am I going to get a bunch of emails telling me to get back in bed?


Just don't fall asleep, let your head hit the keyboard, and then hit enter when you wake up. Your entire readership will turn into a bunch of annoying "I told you so's".

Maybe you should change that fundraising drive for the laptop to one for a laptop you can use while sick in bed.

Gotta give folks something in return, though. I suggest various household objects used as nipple-rings, Jackson-style.

Get back to bed if you feel tired, but personally, I'm selfish enough to want to thank your husband. It's bloody BORING without you around.

But remember, health first. 'Cause it'd be even more boring if you up and died on us.

Nonsense. A woman's place is at her blog.

I bet you get better faster being able to blog cos you'll be in better spirits.


Go to bed!!

Write your entries on paper and have Justin or your sister type them out. You need to rest, girl. It's not just a cold.

I want Michele in bed!

Well, so to speak.

Michele darlin' - As much as we can't imagine a day without you, you've got to take care of yourself ... we CAN miss you for a few days but we can't miss you for a month. Get better ... we'll be here when you get back. Fondly, Terry

Take a week or two off. Just set a date and let everyone know when you return and I'll sure people will put the word out. It's no big deal. ASV will be fine...


You are SUCH a junkie.