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Up with People!

You misunderstood me. [Dictated over the phone to me, Michele's sister, because she is on the couch like a good girl.] What I meant is that the media is getting their collective panties in a bunch over one boob to the point of ridiculousness. However, I am with you on the other issue: That halftime show was skanky and had no place in a venue that was partially targeted towards families. Whatever happened to Up With People? How about a nice round of I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing? That's why we watch hockey around here. No cheerleaders, no boobs, just plenty of that family-friendly fighting.


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That's why we watch hockey around here. No cheerleaders, no boobs, just plenty of that family-friendly fighting.-- Michele, on the... [Read More]


LOL. You are hilarious.

Jeebus Michele, not even mono can keep you from stirring up a hoopla! Those little virii don't stand a chance.

Well, the coverage of the uncoverage pretty much fits the rest of it - pathetic and way overblown.

Missed it live and finally saw it tonight (with blurry spot) - accident my butt. Malfunction, my butt.

I think I'll post something to help people tell the difference (but not leave a self gratuitous link behind...mostly cause I haven't done it yet)

I agree. All parties involved should be apologizing for a show that royally sucked, not the exposure of a tit. That was the suckiest bunch of sucks that every sucked.

No cheerleaders, no boobs in hockey?

I thought you were from Long Island, home of the Islanders Ice Girls (http://www.newyorkislanders.com/icegirls/icegirls.asp).

P.S. You can take Chris Osgood back now. No, really. Please.

Today's Slashdot Poll:
Most important news story?
( ) Jackson's boob
( ) Stewart's trial
( ) Dean's yell
( ) Frist's powder
( ) SCO's virus
( ) U.S.'s wars
( ) Pakistan's nukes
( ) Cowboyneal's hat

With 12,600 some votes, The Boob leads Cowboy Neal's Hat 34% to 20%...

Up With People (alas, old alma mater) went bankrupt two or three years ago.

Hockey. The ONLY decent sports entertaiment where violence is still permitted. May it be a cold day in hell when checking so hard it breaks the safty glass is considered a crime. If that happens we will hear a collective thump of bantum players all over the country whipping off their gloves in disgust

It is a symptom, adequately demonstrated througout the show as you point out, of a larger concern.

Network television, like radio frequencies, as "property of the people" are already near extinction. The satellite and cable bandwidth choices that are presented to the marketplace already offer choice, and we who prefer to choose something other than the skank can intelligently make the choice.

What's offensive to those offended, is the network's election to provide skank under the premise of "we don't do skank". The marketplace will make those choices just fine, it won't need the FCC, it won't need lawsuits...it will be people choosing what they will and won't watch.

All I ask is the opportunity to make the choice without pretense.