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we interupt this sickness to bring you an important notice

At the risk of angering a few of my friends, I get off the couch momentarily to say: It was a TIT. Get over it. A breast. A nipple. A boob. My eleven year old son has seen more than that on commercials. Hello, awards shows, anyone? Magazine ads? Is it really that big of a deal? The bigger deal should be that, once again, the halftime show sucked ass and next year they should just forego the whole thing and have a hot dog eating contest instead. Oh, nevermind. People will be offended by the weeners. Calling in the FCC? Jesuschristonapogostick, people - didn't Victoria's Secret air a special last year that showed more skin than that? Call me when someone whips their dick out on national television. That will be news. Note to Drudge: Get a grip, dude. Five stories, fifty point headlines and an animated jpeg all over a breast that anyone who watches MTV has seen already? Isn't there a Botox story you should be covering? Yea, back to bed. Going.


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Heh. I wonder how many people watching reacted something like, "Gawd, that again!!??"

Michele - I miss you!! One of your bosses (I am sure you will figure out which one) was talking about it non-stop this morning and came in to ask me if I noticed that the TIT was white. I told him to stop looking at the stuff at work!!

Thank God that it wasn't Yoko Ono.

More tit than the Lingirie Bowl.....

One of my co-workers couldn't believe that his pre-teen sons didn't mention it to him. I said "That's because they're so used to it from the garbage on TV these days, it probably didn't even register on the radar for them." It's not a big deal because our kids are de-sensitized to this kind of thing. That, folks, is the real story.

I didn't care about the tit, actually.

I did care about them thinking that his forcefully ripping off part of her dress during a performance was either entertaining, or in any way acceptable. My son, even at six, knew that it wasn't OK to do that.

I wasn't offended. I didn't care about seeing her tit, or my young son seeing her tit. I did not like the undercurrent of force and violence that it promoted, though. Damn, I'm finally getting old. That sounded like my father :/


i may be in the minority here, but i feel it was completely inappropriate. over 100 million people watch the super bowl, including children... it's the most popular tv event of the year, every year. so when did it become "OK" for mtv to force feed me and my kids a TIT, A breast. A nipple. A boob??? i can deal with skimpy outfits in ads and such. however, this was a major sporting event, not a lingerie show, not a cable covered event, not even a "live" performance. call me a prude, but i dont think its "no bid deal" for Janet "i havent had a recent hit and need some publicity to promote my lackluster forthcoming effort" Jackson to show me her tit on national public TV. am i pissed off enough to write a letter or make a call? no. but that sure as hell doesn't mean i condone it...

it just seems to me that this is one more way to promote the liberal ideals of "if it feels good do it" and this is not a lesson i want to teach my kids, espeically during the super bowl. "f" mtv and its attempts at brain-washing my children...

wardrobe malfunction, my ass...

Lisa touched on the one thing that bothers me most. If it's ok for them to do it, why call it a malfunction? I'm interested in hearing an explanation for how during the lyrics 'I'm going to have you naked by the time this song ends' or something to that affect, he rips part of her top off, and we're supposed to believe it wasn't intentional. I wasn't offended, but I understand people who were. If you watch the Victoria Secret fashion show, you expect to see that kind of thing, but not a football game. I'm not for censoring people, but I do believe viewers have a right to know what they are going to see so they can choose whether it's appropriate or not.

I thought it was a fine looking boobie. I also think we need to get off of our fixation on boobies. The best way to do this is simply for all the ladies to just start going around topless. Within a few weeks our primitive male fixation on the boobies will have passed and then all y'all ladies can go for just one boob exposed, like Janet.

On the serious side, I echo what Michele said. It was just a tit. Nuff said. This shall be my last comment on said boobie (but most definitely not my last comment on boobies in general) anywhere in the blogosphere. Unless I can tie it in with something really funny, of course...

I'm not worried about the run-of-the-mill 11 year old whose seen lots of MTV.

I worry more about a run-of-the-mill 8 year old (et al) who hasn't!

And the blogging disease proves to be stronger than mono...

Someone get this woman a wireless laptop, stat!

WTF is it with the Jackson family and sex? Geez.

I was at Mom's house, with her church buddies and some of my friends and their kids (from toddler to early elementary schoolers). In short, from our sampling the entire MTV demographic was missing. Also, a fairly traditionaly "family" Superbowl party crowd. What struck (and offended) us a great deal was: A) how completely they missed any appeal to any of us, and B) that they went to pains in the opposite way -- to offend us. This, plus the fact that the performances were banal and mediocre. It was petulant artlessness.

I'm not calling the FCC, and I don't think that any of my kids will keel over from seeing a boob. They weren't watching, anyway. The WHOLE show sucked ass (except when the marching band was playing that outkast tune at the beginning). The Boob was merely...titillating? Something to talk about?

Michele, I miss your blogging already. Get better soon, please!

Is it really that big of a deal?

It's that big a deal in the sense that it wasn't traditional or "expected" in a Super Bowl halftime show. It's a question of context.

I'm the first to get on families who want shows removed from the air because they're "inappropriate" (i.e., the people who campaigned against NYPD Blue when it came out), because the simple solution is, change the channel or turn it off.

But when people go to watch the halftime show, they're not expecting nudity. I can't condemn at an irate parent who's pissed they spent the next 30 minutes trying to get their seven year-old to quit shouting, "I saw her BOOBIE! Boobie! Boobie!" They have every right to be upset; they made a viewing choice that promised to be family-friendly, and it wasn't.

So, it's fine to watch haevily-armored steroid-inflated mongoliods bash each other into the turf, but it's not okay to see a tit?

Why? Most kids watching will need to know a lot more about tits than they ever will about professional football--and they'll have way more contact with them, too.

To parphrase, Relax, it's just a tit.

I saw three boobs. It was just pathetic and so desperately contrived it was pitiful.

From the parents I talked to, the tit was the icing on the cake. The whole act was leud and gross to them.

From my perspective...I missed it cause I FF the damn thing on Tivo. It sucked ass. What happened to getting a big band to play a few hit songs?

Then again, I got excited when I heard the opening to "Mickey" and was expecting to see Toni Basil. That would have been cool.

think the 'wardrobe malfunction' was that both tits didn't coming popping out.

It didn't bother me until someone pointed out they were simulating sexual abuse, "I'm gonna take your clothes off" and she acted shocked and non-cooperative. Not funny to play-rape.

It may sound like a dumb question but, do you think one could sue the NFL or CBS or Janet Jackson over this? I mean, if they have to put a disclaimer on an obviously hot cup of coffee maybe these halftime shows should have disclaimers. Ya, my kid saw it too, no big deal, in fact he thought it was hideous, but the point is it might be nice to know it's coming ahead of time and I think it would be funny for someone to sue them to serve them a lesson (after all they have the money).

I agree, much ado about nothing...but yes I blogged about it as if it were the biggest part of the whole show, so I got suckerd in like everyone else. Not because I thought it shows how much we are sliding further towards Gomorrah or anything, just because it was obviously a desperate attention for Timberlake or Jackson or both to get press.

It's funny that more people will probably remember the "costume malfunction" far longer than who won the game--but I guess that is what the NFL gets for letting a freak Jackson family member and/or Timberlake in the show in the first place. 

That is also what we get for letting the religious right run this country. If it's not right for them, well then, Hell is waiting...blah blah blah as if they are the judge Himself.

So while I agree that the NFL should sell their product, not some nipple jewelers, you're right--it really wasn't worth the top news story of the day. In fact, I was more distraught that in a time where security is supposable so high in this country that a man without clothes can actually get on the field of play during the game--thank goodness he wasn't a suicide bomber.

thought question: would a Steinem feminist be offended by what Justin did to Janet?

Oh and by the way--according to Low Culture it's all been done before with Tina Turner and Mick Jagger. Hmmm....

Do you think the defense will call Janet in as a character witness for her brother's trial?

I'm a little curious about Peat's naked suicice bomber.
I watched the halftime show only so I'd know what folks would be talking about today. I don't know those people and don't particularly care to. If it doesn't have a banjo and a fiddle it's not really music, it's some wierd Yankee stuff. I must say if that kind of thing is entertaining then it's just one more thing I just don't get.
Are all those guys so tinily endowed that they have to keep grabbing their crotches to make sure they haven't disappeared entirely? Jeez, I've had male equipment my whole life and it's always stayed right there, I don't need to check to see if it left town unexpectedly.
I never noticed the boob, perhaps because the lovely, gracious (and armed) Linda Lou doesn't really like me staring closely at other women's chests. I'm sure noticing the hoorah about it though. It's like breasts were first invented yesterday. Hell, if our kids had seen it when they were little it would've just made them hungry.
I'm going to put on some Bob Wills now.

May I just add that the boob was visible for a total of 3 seconds, if that? Come on now. It's not like it was a PENIS or anything.

The tit flash did not bother me as much as the network heads (slipping their willie back in their pants) saying this was unplanned. JT and JJ both have come out and said this was an accident (my ass)....what bothers me is that the fact that this so called half time show "please somebody ban Kid rock" was supposed to be approved...please tell me this was an "accident"...how many woman do you know wear pasties on a night out? Unplanned?...my ass...hope some huge fines crawl back.

Two points:

1)In looking at the closeup on druge, you can easily spot the snaps along the cup edges...two at the breastbone, one up hear her armpit. So let's get real about this "accident" crappola.

2)Let's see, you have a white boy ripping the clothes off a black girl... where's NOW? where's the NAACP?

Oh! I get it.... only if they could blame Bush, otherwise sexual exploitation is just fine in the name of "art"

Boobs don't bother me, but I grew tired long ago of the gratuitous naked boob moment in movies (let's have our heroine crusading DA discuss closing argument strategies with her eager young male assistant while she strips and slips into a bubble bath and he takes notes staying fully clothed)...now its half time at the National Felons League SuperBowl... we have 14 year old males running the networks...


"Wardrobe malfunction" is absolute freaking classic. I just find the row about it tres amusing and a might pathetic.

Janet is certainly doing well in her pre-album release publicity isn't she?

Yeah but what about Nelly's cock? He had to hold his cock in his hand all through his performance. His dick must be his security blanket. We NEED to teach our children that they should keep thier hands on thier crotches at all times. Girls like a guy who holds his crotch all the time. So for the halftime show we have a guy who cannot stop jerking off long enough to perform a song and woman who flashes her titties. What all this sexualtity has to do with football is beyond me... But it is family hour for liberals; lower the intelligence and lower expectations...

i obviously missed something!

Most people I know could care less about a goddamn tit. We care more about Muhsin Muhammad's 85 yard td, Kasay's kicking the ball out of bounds, and Vinatieri kicking the game-winning field goal yet again.