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Open Discussion: Reunited and it feels so good

[Michele said I could do this. And she says thanks to everyone who has sent her get well wishes] As you know, Michele is addicted to VH1's Bands Reunited. So today's open thread (I think she'll be doing an open thread each day until she is well enough to blog again, which may be a while) is this: What band would you like to see reunited? What song would you like them to play? What band do you think she never be reunited? Etc., along those lines. Ok. Have fun. I'll call her later and tell her to read the results when she gets her fifteen minutes at the computer. [And don't forget that one of her guest posters started a telethon for her. She'll kill me when she sees I mentioned that but at least she won't have the energy to kill me for a couple of weeks]


I forget who, but someone (obviously not a fan) once wrote that he'd like to see The Beatles reunited...

I would love to see The Police reunited. I know they hate each other and all, but damn. They were good.

Never ever... ever, ever, ever... should New Kids On The Block get back together for anything.

Faith No More (w/ Jim Martin on guitar, dammit), of course. Although the whole hating thing would be an issue there too.

I'll also put a vote in for the Police. A few months ago I would have said Primus, but they went and did it for us.

I agree with the Police.

I'd say Television or Devo. Except I think they both already did re-form.

Ooh, how about dialing the time machine back further? CREAM! They're all still alive, right?

What band would you like to see reunited?
Toad the Wet Sprocket

What song would you like them to play?
All I Want

What band do you think should never be reunited?
Anything that involves a bunch of pretty boys who can't write songs or play instruments singing and dancing.

Reunite the Bee Gees in Hell. They can play anything for all I care.

Ooo yes, Cream; they should play White Room, Sunshine of your Love, Pressed Rat and Wharthog, Crossroads, Spoonfull, Badge(but George H is dead so no L'mystro mistrioso), and just about anything from Disraili Gears.
And also C,S,N, AND Y assuming C is still alive. Suite Judy Blue Eyes would be good.

Donovan - Season of the Witch

But it is kind of hard to reunite one guy with himself...

The Cars

Pink Floyd

Also agree with the votes for The Police & C.S.N.Y. reunions...

hey michele
i hope you feel better soon
and have lots of excellant dreams
while you recupe
be well
sexy mama

I'd say the Pixies except they're reuniting this year.

But my second choice is the 1985 Chicago Bears. "Superbowl Shuffle 2: Electric Boogaloo." C'mon guys. (I mean the only one who's had a successful solo career is Defensive End Richard Dent.)

You need serious help, Scott.

I'll second the votes for the Police and Pink Floyd.

And I'll throw in my own choice: Sweet. I wanna hear 'em play "Little Willy" again. And "Ballroom Blitz," and "Action," and "Fox on the Run."

Yes, it's pop-rock. So what? I thought those guys were cool beans.

Bauhaus~and anything BUT Bela Lugosi's Dead.


Okay, I'll play.

The Smiths.

And they can play whatever they want as long as it does not include anything from the post-band careers of Morrissey or Johnny Marr.

The band I believe should never reunite under any circumstances?



Band: Scritti Politti
Song: "That song by Scritti Politti."

These guys need to get back together. ASAP.

My first answer would be Husker Du, and they can play anything they want as long as the volume is set on 11. Second would be True Believers... another of those "great live, suck on record" bands.

But hey, I'd also like to see ABC reunite...something about that Roxy Music wannabe represents their time period very well.

Soundgarden, and they could play Outshined.

I'd have said Alice in Chains, playing Down in a Hole, except of course that Layne Staley went and died on us.

The real Van Halen. Playing anything off the first album.

Y'know, I really would like to see NKOTB reunited... 'cause they're old now, and it would be funny to see them try to do "Please Don't Go Girl" and "Hangin' Tough."

Camberwell Now. Because they're so stinkin' obscure.

Or maybe old school Genesis w/Gabriel, Phillips, Hackett, Banks, Collins, Rutherford.

Or maybe Big Black, just to annoy people.

/music geekin'

More heavy bands to reunite:

1) Flotsam and Jetsam ( http://www.flotsam-and-jetsam.com ). With or without Jason Newsted is fine with me (Jason Ward is plenty good and the music they played in Newsted's era wasn't that great), but it's gotta be Eric A.K. on vocals. A live DVD is still in the works, apparently, so I don't know exactly what their status is.

2) Pantera, but only with a time-warp to about '92 or '93 so that Phil isn't so brain-damaged from all the drugs. Damageplan ( http://www.damageplan.net ), might be close enough, but I still have my doubts about the vocals. Oh, and the Pantera guys hate each other's guts, too, so this isn't likely for several years.

3) White Zombie. Rob needs some outside opinions to help write songs so they don't all sound exactly the same, IMHO. Plus, I liked Jay Yuenger's (sp?) riffs.