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Day 2 of the Small Victory Telethon

Let's get those numbers up, people! The tote board is looking pretty grim right now, and we're nowhere near our goal. Come on! We've got the mean disease. We've got the hot poster child. What the hell more do you want? Mono isn't funny. How could it be when you realize that you get it by hanging around these two:


I want a thong.

1) The pics in the extended entry don't seem to be working.
2) The pic of Michele is gonna be used in that Bud Light page. You realize that, right?
3) I want a thong.

You have been hanging around Epstein?
I want a thong too.

Ouch. I had mono a little over a year ago. Worst sore throat of my life, followed by night-sweats, weird red bumps all over my tongue, face, chest, etc, rounded off with the unmistakable feeling that my body weighed 2,000 pounds and required 16-18 hours of sleep a day.

Good news: only lasted 2 and a half weeks.

Good luck.

Geez, I think you've given me a fever with that Halloween pic. ;-)

I did my part -- look at the nubmers on that tote-board twirl!!

Feel better, Michele!