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station break

closed.gif [i'll be back when i can keep awake for more than ten minutes a time]


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Do her a favor and don't try to guilt her, okay, guys? Please? Mono is serious stuff.

I'm trying to guilt her in the other direction. The girl needs to just rest and take care of herself not worry about this blog for a while. It and we will still be here whenever she gets back...

feel better, Punky!!!

Rest, rest, and more rest....that's the only thing that will do the trick with mono.

My oldest son was diagnosed with mono when he was six - it's unusual for small children to contract it, and because of his symptoms, the doctors suspected Hodgkin's disease first....we were very relieved when they ruled that out. He was (and still is) a tad bit hyperactive, but during that period all he did was lay on the couch and read and watch tv. The school sent a home teacher after the first two weeks...he was one sick little guy, and I've never forgotten how the fatigue overwhelmed him.

I know you've got a great support system there to help out - take advantage of all the offers to bring in food and whatever else your friends and family want to do for you. I remember you saying something about not having enough sick time banked - a lot of times, employees will donate their time if there is a co-worker who is dealing with a catastrophic illness like you are.

Our library system here lends out videos and dvd's - 10 for one week. If yours does the same, maybe you can have someone pick up stuff for you to watch....ours has a ton of tapes from PBS - from "All Creatures Great and Small" episodes to "Are You Being Served?" And it will be a chance to watch all those old movies you might never have gotten around to watching.

I've got a 14 year old daughter myself so I can imagine how hard it will be for yours to be out of commission. Thank God for video games! She might like one called Kingdom Hearts, if she hasn't already played it - combo Disney characters and anime....Anna and her friends are hooked on it.

Take care, Michele - best wishes to you and your daughter for a speedy recovery.

Please make sure to rest. I'm one of those people who had a rare complication of mono but I hate people who say sh*t like "Oh my god, 0.0001% of people with mono get this complication! Go to the doctor if you feel flushed!" so I'll shut up. Anyway, be sure to get lots of rest and take it easy.

Get plenty of rest, and get well soon.

Hot cup of tea with lemon, my grandmother swore by it. When I busted a couple of ribs as a kid, she went right to the kitchen to put the tea kettle on. Hope you feel well soon.

Sorry to hear about the mono.Take care and may all of you get back to normal as soon as possible.

That stinks Michele. Take some time off and rest...


You take care of you...screw the blog, we'll all be around when you get back. Mono is nothing to mess with.

My daughter got mono her first semester of college. She refused to slow down. She ended up with her throat almost completely closing, unable to breathe, and was hospitalized for 6 days. Her Dr did say "Oh my god" when he looked into her throat.

He later told her that her NOT slowing down that first week was what sent her into a tailspin.

It took her 2 months before she felt halfway human. Almost a 6 months before she felt like herself again. It can take almost a year for some people, and it's something that can relapse if you don't take care of yourself..

I realize she had a fairly extreme case, but mono is nothing to mess with.

Rest, rest, rest, and keep yourself hydrated.

Oops sorry for pressuring you to come back soon. I had that crap myself when I was in high school. Missed a half of a year with it--nasty stuff.

So I will live, it's just my duke's aren't the same without you on my pda (heh heh).

Take care.