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Open Discussion: love/hate relationships

Ok, so this mono thing is worse than I thought it would be. I should have listened to all the advice. As such, I will be on the couch for most of the day and will not be blogging. However, you know I just wouldn't leave this place blank for the day. No, no open mic right now. I don't feel like monitoring the posts. So let's just do an open discussion, inspired by this thread at Stacy's, where she admits to hating Jimmy Buffet. Discuss: What do you hate that (you believe) everyone else loves? What do you love that (you believe) everyone else hates? For instance, I hated Forrest Gump, a movie that supposedly anyone with a heart loves. I don't think Friends is a good tv show. I think Hemingway was incredibly boring. And am I really the only one who thinks Rob Zombie is hot? Have at it. I may be back later.


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I hated Forrest Gump, too. The book was far superior, and the character was much more than some gobsmacked autopilot lucky retard.

I had mono in college and it sucks like a Oreck, get better soon.

Looks like we'll have to crank up the laptop fund so you can blog from the couch...cuz we're addicted to your trademark brand of snark & charm...and you'll be certifiable without blogging.

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What do you hate that (you believe) everyone else loves?

Sports (it's extremely boring to me).

What do you love that (you believe) everyone else hates?

The art of magic.

I hated Forrest Gump, too. I saw it in the theater with a colleague, and I had to explain all the political references and most of the pop culture references to her. She didn't recognize, for instance, the significance of the shots of the Watergate apartment complex. And before anyone asks, she's my age and grew up in the U.S.

What do I love that everyone else hates? Maybe the 90s TV show Early Edition. I thought Kyle Chandler was hot, and that Gary character he played was so darn cute. Who watched that besides me?

I couldn't stand "Forrest Gump" either. It really bothered me how his girlfriend Jenny was always wrong, for one thing.

What else? Tenacious D. Everyone who's heard them thinks they're hilarious, but they don't elicit any chuckles from me. Ween has them beat all over the place in that department.

I hate nearly all the comedy shows on TV today. They're not funny. They're not funny. THEY'RE NOT FUCKING FUNNY!

The only funny shows on today are the Gilmore Girls and Monk.

And I hate the reality shows. All of them. Every single one of them. I can't stand watching people humiliate themselves on camera, and I'm waiting for this latest stupidity fad to die.

I would rather subject myself to the entire run of Full House than watch any of the reality shows today. And I'm talkin about the ones where the Olsen twins were old enough to be talking, instead of just being cute babies.

On the other hand, I loved Forrest Gump.

I'm with you on Friends, in fact that whole "Must See TV" stuff on NBC, Seinfeld didn't do much for me either.

Feel better.

I hate ketchup, pickles, mustard, and mayonnaise. I like many of Metallica's post-black-album songs.

Hmm, while you are laid up, could I have the keys to the blog? I want to go riding with some pacifist, PETA friends. We will be back in a uhm little while. Okay?
Hmm, no response, she is feeling punky. :(
Michele, I Hope that you are feeling "up to snuff" as soon as you are able!

Best regards

Something I hate that everybody else loves:

Led Zeppelin.

Something I love that everybody else hates:

Melissa Etheridge's first album, although I haven't listened to it in about five years. It came along at a very crucial interval in my life.

I know, I know.

Okay, I KNOW!



I detested/loathed/abhorred Forrest Gump, what wonderful messages to send: 1. Ignorance is bliss and 2. Go ahead and take back the crack ho who's ignored your affections.

I hated, hated, hated it.

Back in '98, I used to argue at length that Titanic sucked and the fact that it beat L.A. Confidential proves the Oscars are worthless.

I don't watch Friends, it doesn't make me laugh. By in large, The Simpsons haven't been very funny since about 2000.

Finally, I liked the movie Street Fighter. Especially the parts where Van Damme tells the quasi-UN guy to stuff it.

I'm with you on "Friends" but Hemingway? Boring?

I also hated Titanic.

I think Uma Thurman is one of the ugliest women alive (could her eyes possibly be farther apart?)

On the positive side, I love most stinky cheese.

Titanic blew more goats than a Scottish goatherder.

I love Apple computers, which many seem to dislike...in favor of Windows machines, which I can't even begin to fathom.

The movie, "Princess Bride". I know, I know, everyone loves it. All my friends adore it. Then there's me.

Rob Zombie is hot for sure. Tommy Lee is hotter though. Feel better soon!!!!!! xoxo

I LOVE pickle juice. I hate horror movies, I will have nightmares for years if I see one. I also hate those reality tv/Jerry Springer shows, they embarass me. I do not find Bradd Pitt attractive...I lusted over Patrick Stewart for years...almost fainted when they gave us the butt shot while he was being tortured by the Cardassians...OMG..it was, uh ok am shutting up now.

I hate watermelon. People seem taken aback by this; no one bats an eye when I mention that I hate cucumbers or jellybeans or green peppers or licorice, but apparently it's unfathomable that I could possibly dislike watermelon.

I love math. 90% of strangers who learn that I'm a math student feel the need to tell me how much they hate it.

For a supposedly popular movie, a lot here don't like "Forrest Gump." Add me to the list. Same applies to "Friends" and "Seinfeld." I also don't see why some people think Brad Pitt is hot.

Something I hate that I believe everyone loves:

Something I love that I believe everyone else hates:
The one topping that will convince me to eat a slice or two of pizza -- anchovies. Lots of 'em.

Recalling several earlier posts...
Can't stand: Reality shows, Friends, Led Zeppelin, The Doors

The first thing that comes to mind where something that I enjoyed was/is in severe opposition to public and critical opinion is the movie One From The Heart. When the movie first came out, the critics piled on Coppola with such frenzied abandon that if it had been a football game, some of them would surely have been ejected. It was a box office failure as well, but I loved it...

Well, I'd dump on Forrest too, but it seems that garbage bin is full. So I'll pick rap music. Absolutely loathe it.

While I don't LOVE it, I did find Attack of the Clones entertaining and everyone seems to hate that.

Hate Star Wars, all sports, Gump, rap, Millionaire, Matrix, vegetables.

REALLY hate Friends (worst series ever, bar none), and all "reality" shows. Especially Idol and Big Brother.

Love croutons as a nibbly snack. They're like popcorn, only better.

i hate...

glazed doughnuts or any kind of sickening sweet sticky-ass breakfast pastry (breakfast food in general now that i think about it)

i love...

soap operas, anna nichole smith, tammy faye baker

Incomprehensibly, some of the smartest people I know of (such as Glenn Reynolds and Eugene Volokh) very much enjoy music which I find abominable (or even execrable). (I'm assuming execrable is worse than abominable.)

On the other hand, I very much enjoy (and always have) Star Trek Voyager.

I hate mushy broccoli.

I hate It's A Wonderful Life even more than Forrest Gump. I could never stand the Andy Griffith Show either.

Oh, and New Year's Eve... the most overrated holiday on the calendar.

People give me more disgusted looks when they hear I like History then when I tell them I like math. I hate The Goonies and The Princess Bride.

Who didn't hate the Goonies?

Hated Titanic and Braveheart. Hate Star Trek TNG and all subsequent spinoffs.

Hate Julia Roberts. Hate Jim Carrey (but like Adam Sandler, so go figure).

Uma Thurman is not hot.

Loved the TV shows Sports Night and Undeclared.

Didn't love the Hulk movie, but I think I liked it a lot better than anyone else who's seen it.

Love math and physics(they are not my occupation)
love broccoli and cauliflower

Hate-Big Macs-hate all tv shows except "just shoot me"

bruce, i liked voyager as well ... diana troy was so nauseating on the next generation.. voyager had some real bad ass chicks.