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life's the same, I'm moving in stereo mono

So, the doc takes one look at me, says "Man, you look like shit," and when I get to the second symptom he stops me and says "Holy Mononucleosis, Batman!" And then he takes one look at Nat, all curled up in the corner of the office and says "Jesus, girl. What did you do to her?" Ok, didn't happen exactly like that, but the results are the same. Both Nat and I faced the needle and had the blood drained from our veins today, even both the doctors already gave us each the dreaded diagnosis. Plus, I have swollen glands and strep throat, which I think are part of the mono virus, anyhow. No idea what the next week holds. I really don't have that much sick time. I may have to ask my sister, whom I love more than life itself and who is the greatest person to ever exist, to donate some sick time to me. I'll just take it day by day. Right now, I need a ten hour nap. My ass has been thoroughly kicked.


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life's the same except for my shoes.

anytime i hear people talking about mono, i immediately think of the Happy Days episode where Richie (i think?) got it. woo.

Well, there you go: instant karma. Now you don't have to feel guilty any more.

Girl, rest - rest - rest - and TAKE CARE of yourself. Todd and I can give you the complete run-down on what happens to your body if you don't...as I still sit here literally 15 years later from when I was originally diagnosed with it... It's not like the flu. It will kick your ass repeatedly and collect rent for years if you don't evict it. Feel better soon!

Take it easy this weekend. Lots of rest. Sorry you both have it. :(

I'm so glad you got your ass to the doctor. Now do what he says.
BTW....you inspired me to finally make an appointment for myself about this throbbing pain in my ear for the last two weeks. Thank you.
You know if there's anything we all can do in our limited scope out here we will. Just ask.

Take good care of yourself!

What those guys said. Get some rest. We'll still be here when you feel better.

(echo) - Rest - sleep - drink (clear, non-alcoholic) liquids - etc. Both of you.

And love the Cars ref!

Take good care of yourself, and forget about the blogging until you start feeling better.

Damn! Sorry you aren't feeling well!

The secondary infections are fun too. Upon getting mono I enjoyed strep throat AND hepatitis.

Hell I don't even remember who I kissed when I got it.

I went from one to the other in 78. Not pleasant. MUCH REST - Strep(?) can affect your heart, Rheumatic fever - ahhhchh, it's been too long, I can't remember, but would know the word when I heard it. Watch our for your uvula if it gets too swollen.

Get better soon!

Good god woman, how it the HELL are we supposed to lay off a high fast ball like "swollen uvula"?

grittin my teeth here....

Ugh. I had mono as an adult....it knocked me flat on my ass for a couple of weeks. Take care of it because it can do some real damage to you.

She can't contribute sick leave to you for several reasons:
1) You must exhaust ALL of your time. i.e. sick, annual, comp.
2) I won't let her! (Oh, I'll catch shit for this!)
3) You must be out for an extended time. Not just for mono.But for serious stuff, stuff you don't want.
Love ya Chele, (even though you looked like crap tonight)