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Daughter has mono. Mom wakes up this morning feeling like she was hit by a truck. She has a headache that will not be quelled, even with a handful of Excedrin Migraine. Her throat is closing up. She should go to the doctor, eh? Oh, but she's afraid of needles and does not want to undergo a blood test. Hmmm....does sit here feeling like death warmed over or suffer the pains of a large, sharp syringe sucking blood from her arm? And why is she talking in third person? She does not know.


Go to the doctor now, and make sure you get plenty of nutrition; even if you have to drink Ensure to get it.

Her friend in Florida is feeling the same way. He stayed home from work. So, why is he reading blogs instead of lying comatose in bed? He does not know.

He hopes you get better and stops mentioning needles.

I'm with Bobbi, especially on the nutrition aspect. And if your throat is really closing up (i.e. you can't swallow the smallest pill), get to the doctor quick-like, there are ways to fix that.

Hope everybody is feeling better soon...

She puts the benedryl in her mouth. She goes to see the doctor or she gets the hose again. She does this whenever she's told.

(Sorry, I always get a Silence of the Lambs vibe when people write in third person.)

Feel better eh? I feel a sick week coming on next week for you.

Maybe you can have guest's enter posts for you again so you can get some rest.

Run, do not walk, to the nearest doctor. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200. I've had mono, and I didn't know it for the longest time, until my body finally said "You're dying, or something very similar." By the time I actually zombie-walked into the hospital, I was looking forward to needles and blood tests. Anything to feel better. Man, mono sucks.

Might as well go to the doctor, I missed Opening Day '96 because my throat closed up enough from mono to get me to the hospital.

Take care of your body if you might have mono. Don't push it! As I said mono can do a number on you that can take years to recover from.

You want to shoot zombies in video games, not become one!

Hmm, I felt guilty for worrying you (and remembered that I had another serious illness at the same time I had mono), so I looked it up.

They're now claiming that the mononucleosis - depression link was a statistical anomaly that did not show up in subsequent studies.

So my problem was not caused by mono after all.