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Disney: Dead on Arrival

Who didn't see this coming? Pixar has dumped Disney. TO INFINITY...AND BEYOND!"After ten months of trying to strike a deal with Disney, we're moving on," Pixar CEO Steve Jobs said in a statement. "We've had a great run together -- one of the most successful in Hollywood history -- and it's a shame that Disney won't be participating in Pixar's future successes." To repeat what I said on December 1st:
Pixar could still renew their contract with Disney, but I wouldn't bet on it. The success of Finding Nemo alone should give Pixar the balls to venture out and find another studio to work with. Sure, they may end up staying with Disney but, if they don't, Disney will be left with nothing but a lot of memories and a pile of straight-to-video sequels that just won't hold a candle to what other studios (i.e., DreamWorks) are doing.
And to quite un-humbly quote myself even further: Eisner has shaped Disney into his own image and, in the process, has cut the animation giant off at the knees. I restate my declaration from this morning: If Eisner stays on, Disney will sink with him. Two days ago, there was this:
Roy Disney, a former Walt Disney Co. board member who resigned amid his opposition to Chief Executive Michael Eisner, Tuesday urged shareholders to vote against Eisner and three other directors standing for re-election to the company's board. "Now is the time for all Disney shareholders to take the first step to bring needed change to The Walt Disney Company," said Roy Disney and Stanley Gold, who also resigned from the board in protest, in a letter to shareholders sent ahead of the March 3 annual meeting.
The glory days of Disney are long gone. They will continue to release - and then withdraw from the shelves - remastered versions of old classics in the hopes of keeping the Disney animation cash flow from drying up. They've come a long, long way since the days when movies like The Little Mermaid made Disney all the rage again. A long, long way down, that is. All hail Pixar, our new animation overlords. Endnote: Pixar (PIXR: Research, Estimates) stock jumped in after-hours trading, according to Reuters, while Disney (DIS: Research, Estimates) stock sank more than 4 percent.


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what was was hilarious was this statement from an investor:

"it makes it look like Eisner did something wrong again, but we shouldn't jump to conclusions. This could be a negotiating tactic by Pixar as well," said Patrick McKeigue, an analyst at Independence Investment, which holds Disney shares."

They expect Eisner to screw up,again,but maybe not so much this time.

The downside for Pixar is losing out on Disney's unparallelled merchandising muscle.

Finally, Jobs has shed the anchor from around his neck that was Disney. Let the mouse go down in flames.

Yeah,the mouse is havin' problems.I lived in Orlando in the late 80's,and one Sunday the Newspaper had a "100 things to make Cantral Florida better" article.'Gas the Mouse" was a major contender,

wtf, I thought steve jobs was just Apple's CEO. Man, learn something new each day...

I knew I should have bot PIXR @ 37.

It would take a belt sander to wipe the smile from my face at this point.

I hope that the amplified return of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire sinks and Eisner gets a stake in the heart.

having been a part of the Disney machine, i am absolutely not surprised at the effects Michael Eisner has had on the company. believe me, it's scarier when you see it first-hand.

the best advice i can give anybody still involved with WDC in any way is run away...QUICKLY!

Steve Jobs, isn't he that computer guy? What does he know about making movies?

The laid off Disney animators have formed their own studio.

Legacy Animation Studios

Re: Disney's "unparallelled merchandising muscle"... Steve Jobs is the modern master of marketing and promotion. I think Pixar will do just fine.

It's too bad but it's like a heroin addict bottoming out. Sometimes you have to bottom out before you realize how low you've gone. They could always straighten up. You never know.

we should do squares on which day of February Eisner gets the axe.....

I agree with you 100% on this one Michele. I have been saying for quite a while that expected Pixar to jump ship. Jobs is one smart cookie and he does not like get messed about by the likes of dipshits like Eisner. One wonders if Pixar will just go it alone or will hook up with someone else.

On a marketing note about Jobs. Never does an Apple keynote go by where some Pixar movie is not at lest subtly flogged by Jobs. Either he shows a promo with newest Quicktime or some such thing.

NB: Jobs has experience with Eisner types...remember the debacle with that prat Scully?

Oh no.

Steve Jobs controls Pixar? And he managed to rip them from Disney?

Pixar could have BECOME Disney. They could have eaten Disney alive. Now, what? Apple style 'success'?

I'll miss them.