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is it spring yet?

Again, I apologize for the lack of posting. I am very tired and very...blah. Whoever is in charge of the seasons, you may end winter now. Thank you.


What is this "winter" that you speak of?


I'll get right on that. I have some connections in the groundhog demimonde.

I'll let you know.


Stop apologizing. I mean it. I command you as your elected stalkee.

Yeah ... but you're tired 'cause you've been kicking ass at Command Post. And that's why I will always say: "You rock harder than Ronnie James Dio."

POOF! Winter Be Gone!!!
Aw, shit, I'm very tired and very...blah, too.
I'll get back to ya in a couple of months...

Sorry, no can do. Winter will continue as planned and on schedule. It will be followed by a cold and rainy Spring, then switching to a high humidity Summer.

The Weather Gnome Union didn't get everything they wanted during this years contract negotiations and they're looking to show their displeasure.

Plus, you wouldn't want to send the 'Global Warming' types into fullblown tizzy of joy, would you.

Joat, I think "winter" is a delusion foisted on the nation by people who live in an imaginary place where it gets a thing called "cold."

It not the cold of winter, but the short days that I can't stand.

Colin, that's what ultimately led my wife to decide she couldn't stand another winter in Fairbanks.

But it didn't take long after we moved down here to metro Atlanta, for the nostalgia to set in.

What's the temp in the New York area today? It's about -5 degrees and -21 degrees with the "wind chill" here in WI. I suppose that's not enough to garner national attention.