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treacher's pet/primary goodness/jumping on james/ice, ice baby/

Before I get down to the business of my morning ramblings, I'd like to make a few announcements: * The "crush" poll will stay up a while longer because I screwed up Treacher's link and he failed to capitalize from the poll with hits to his site, which saddens me. So, everyone go to the poll and click on Treacher's name. And look around his site, because it's funny and because he's winning the poll. * Today is primary day in New Hampshire. The Command Post is on it like white on rice. And, as delicious icing on the cake of political news, we have Real Live Bloggers on the ground in New Hampshire getting all the news, badgering voters and reporting on the general goings-on. Don't forget that the chat room will be open tonight; head to the 2004 section after 6pm (EST). * James Lileks has some nerve. He is going to actually blog like a real blogger on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Actual multiple posts. I may as well give up my efforts to overtake him in the Ecosystem. Not that I'm competitive or anything, but I take whatever small joys I can get out of life and squeeze the the last bit of juice out of them. What does that mean? It means I would take great - if ridiculous - pleasure in surpassing Mr. Lileks in something, even if it is only a blog ranking. Ah, the hell with it. I would read him over me, too. But we're excepting a lot out of you, James! And we'll see how long it takes before you run out of things to write and you're doing stupid online polls. HAH! * We've got two major storms coming in today. Snow is great. Ice is not. Ice means loss of cable modem and/or power. Which means no computer, no tv and no heat. Ice storms sure are pretty, but they mostly suck. And, like Tanya already stated, four wheel drive does not work on ice. Don't think that just because you are driving a huge ass Expedition, you can go out and about when the road is five inches thick with the frozen stuff. If you insist on tailgating me and going a steady 45 when we are slipping and sliding all over the place, I will laugh and give you the finger as I pass you by when you skid into a telephone poll and your car bursts into flames and you are screaming for help. Ok, I'll help. But if your car is not aflame and just damaged and you are not turning into ash but just have a slightly bruised ego, then I will pass you by and laugh.


I felt honored to have you stop by and comment this morning over at my place. I was beginning to think you didn't like me anymore. Actually, it's more like a surprise inspection when a big shot blogger links to a small timer like me (or stops by and comments).

Anyway. I knew it was Treacher from like a year ago.

Lileks ain't got nothin' on you--or King Kong for that matter.

And we just had the foot of snow with a nice layer of ice underneath it all. Good luck with all of that.

Now the real question is can Howard Dean do anything after the polls close in NH to top what he did in Iowa? I'm on the edge of my seat.

Wow, Lileks and Bill Simmons blogging at the same time! And Mickey Kaus has been posting before 3am! It's like the 90s are back!

wooof man
i know honey
i just got back from mexico
and my body was so not prepared for this cold
that i got the flu
like upon landing in JFK
so now im a tan sneezy bitch
but i can feel this huge storm brewing
chinese ordering in
here i come

James seems to be a touch lax in posting!

Alright, alright, it puts the lotion in the basket. Sheesh, touchy!