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the more you know, the more you know

Two things that should never be allowed to happen: * Remaking The Longest Yard * Reuniting Extreme One thing that shouldn't have happened, but did, and now I'm really pissed off: * Aaron Boone breaks contract and knee One thing you didn't know about: * Saddam was obviously working for Dr. Weird. One thing that I'm glad to know being that I'll be spending a lot of time in Ikea between now and the move and life is one giant graphic adventure anyhow: * Ikea Walkthrough


Ikea is dangerous in two ways :
1) You never get all the stuff you need in one trip
2) You spend a lot more than you think you're going to (we equipped our office with their office furniture - nice stuff - spent many thousands by saying "It's only another $100"...)

Also, whatever you do, don't go Saturday or Sunday. Always go during the week, during the day if possible. Otherwise, well, I don't think the stress will do you any good :)

Sorry Michele, but recently a remake of The Longest Yard was made in England, Mean Machine, with soccer replacing American Football.

I can't wait to see the Extreme reunion. Nuno and Gary together again would be awesome.

Michele, tell me you don't like Pornografiti with Nuno's lighting guitar playing, Gary's sass, great harmonies, and plenty of metalized funk. Hell, I don't want just a VH1 show, I want a new album like one of my other fave bands, Living Colour.

yeah, what's up with the Extreme thing? Sean has a good point.

don't pay attention. she doesn't even know one song...

Gah! I love Extreme! Pornograffiti and III Sides To Every Story still get a lot of play around the Mouse house. But you are dead on about The Longest Yard. And why oh why did some cheese band have to do a remake of Don Henly's "The Boys Of Summer?" Those kids should be shot for that injustice.

The trouble with Extreme is that they crawled up their own rectum musically. If they do a new album I hope its like their III Sides or older rather than anything since. Maybe...just maybe if Cherone writes something decent he will erase the horrid memory of his tenure in Van Halen and his band Tribe of Judah.

Aaron Boone - ha!

I couldn't be happier about that - as cool as it was watching him hit that ball out in front of us that night, we all knew he was a scrub. Over-rated. Get a new 3B - now you have an excuse.

Maybe it's a good thing I live two thousand miles from the nearest Ikea.

Well, what do you know... the reunion of Extreme worked out well after all. And by that, I mean nobody wanted to see that, anyway.