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bloggers that make you go mmmmm......

You guys amaze me. You don't have the nerve to ask me outright in the comments who I was talking about when I referred to a blog crush, but you send me all kinds of secretive emails saying tell me, tell me! I can keep a secret! I think you are confusing crush with lust. See, I have no idea what any of these bloggers look like, save one or two. Maybe three, and then just from really small pictures. It has nothing to do with looks or sex. It's about words and the way they are used. It's a sense of humor, intelligence, attitude and the overall personality that comes through from their blog. That's not to say that if/they weren't married and we happened to meet in the back of a dark bar somewhere and we were both drunk and....well, I'd be happy to meet them, shake their hand and buy them a beer. They are just guys that I imagine would be great to hang out with. And maybe, just maybe, make a shrine in honor of. Just a few candles. Some pictures. A lock of hair.... Anyhow, poll below, where you can guess the male blogger(s) that I might stalk if I did not already have a husband tied up in the closet.
Ok, I've used another poll host because freepolls sucks. This one doesn't allow you to fill in votes, so feel free to use the comments if you want to add a write-in vote.
Which blogger(s) does Michele have a teenage-like crush on?
Dr. Grosz
Oliver Willis
Joshua Marshall
Jim Treacher
Mickey Kaus
Howard Dean
I thought she had a crush on me
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If it's me, you're definitely a step up from my last few stalkers. Hell, a whole staircase.

I knew it wasn't me when you sent that Barbara Streisan stationery.

Woohoo! I got a vote! I got a vote!

Say, can you vote more than once? You know, just asking, not for myself or anything.

I thought you were stalking Treacher for, like, months.

Treacher was waaaay too obvious. Like, duh.

I blew it with the Favre jokes, didn't I?

Ah well. It never would have lasted once baseball season started.

Not Dr Grosz??!!! Are you crazy?

I thought you were Treacher.

We both know it's Andy 'cuz of that sweet ass of his, Michele. Don't hide yer lustiness. ;)

Gosh, and here I was thinking of all the female bloggers you have crushes on :-)

(blush) Clever, Michele...throwing everyone off the trail by not including me in the list off names...

(blush) Clever, Michele...throwing everyone off the trail by not including me in the list of names...

so glad I asked you not to put me on the list. just absolutely hate mob scenes, etc.

Wow, I'm coming in second to Treacher.

That is what that option means, right?


I take offense to that, Carol.

I meant are ya crazy that Dr Grosz isn't the winner for having a crush on.

What?!?? something that the blog-father doesn't win???

Vince, from over at NY Indymedia.

Very clever, Mr. Simon. You and Michelle have thrown us off the trail well with your denial and lack of inclusion on her list. We at MAD know your secret, though, and rest assured that Dr. Claw will soon be blackmailing both of you for handsome sums.

(gives MAD salute) Ow!