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Dreaming of Michael Moore

Remember last week I had a dream about Ghandi? Well last night it was Michael Moore. My parents had invited him to a spaghetti dinner and he let me interview him. At the end of the interview he hugged me and told me to seek peace. And then he went into my bedroom, laid down on the bed and proceeded to read several children's books.I tried to kick Moore out of my bed but he wouldn't leave. He told me I needed more "Moore Hugs." The dream faded away with me plugging in an archaic computer and starting a blog post with the title I Was Hugged By Michael Moore. I hope this does not become one of those recurring nightmares. Moore smelled bad and hadn't shaved in months.


Well, now that topped the Bonaduce reference, in spades.

You have a crush on Moore's blog (does he even have one) don't you? :)

Wow, your dreams are being directed by Terry Gilliam!

The satiric content and archaic computer were give aways. (remember the archaic computers in Brazil?)

That was hillarious.

I have a friend who wants to be a stand up comedian who has satirical dreams. I don't remember them all. He had one dream (back during the prevous election cycle) where he could only talk like George W.

BTW if it does become a recurring nightmare, you should sue Moore for creating a hostile dream environment.

Yes, keep filling MM with carbos, maybe he'll bloat up even more.


that's even worse than the dream I had, where I was being courted by Ralph Malph.

That sounds dementedly masochistic to me!

are you CERTAIN it was a dream? XD

Oh, one time, about a year ago I think, Michael Moore narrated my dream. It was so weird.

If you think that's bad, wait til you have a dream where Philippe murders the rest of the Achewood crew. Ray, Roast Beef, Teodor, all dead. And then you gotta take care of Philippe. He didn't know what he was doing, he was out of his head. Then he realized what he had done and started crying. (Poor Philippe.) Now that's an emotionally disturbing dream.

I once had a dream where the disembodied voice of Rupert Murdoch was the voice of God.

I thought that would be pretty close to impossible to top.

I was wrong.

Michael Moore... In bed... "Moore hugs"... shudder