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link terrorism

[It's Monday morning, stayed up too late watching Adult Swim, regular blogging resumes some time after 8:30 when I'm cozied up in my office and perked up by a dozen cups of coffee. Meanwhile, a favor.]
Many readers have supported The Command Post with donations, which we appreciate. But the best way to support The Post is with traffic. So with the final push in New Hampshire to get out the vote, we ask that you help us "Get Out The Link." Support Command Post this Monday by sending the www.command-post.org URL to everyone in your contact list who you think might enjoy the site. We're not picky: we just want to introduce people to The Command Post, and think the day before the primary is a great day to do so. So "Get Out The Link" on Monday the 25th, and thanks for reading The Post!
If you love me (and you know you do) and you love TCP (how could you not?) and you don't want to receive a personalized letter on some eye-gouging Outlook stationery threatening you to linklinklink or face the wrath of animated kitties and Barbra Streisand midis, you will do as I say. Seriously, we'd really appreciate it. Happy Monday! That's Command Post. www.command-post.org


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Michele, I have linked the Command Post. So now hopefully both of my readers will come on over.

One more good reason to use Eudora instead of Outlook, but I will nonetheless include TCP in my next link upgrade.

Hey, hey, hey! What's wrong with animated kitties??? I assume you're talking about the ones at Joel Veitch's rathergood.com. Examples ...

Punk Rawk Kitties


how about a button? Ya got a button I can put on my site? (should I be double checking the Command Post before asking a potentially stupid question? lol)

okay, nevermind, I answered my own dumb question. lol. I added a Command Post button on my blog on top of the link I already had in my blogroll. :-)
is that enough advertisin' for ya? wink