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Mighty Septopus

Home Movies: Fenton has to go. He's ruining the show. I want to kill him. Coach's boobs made my skin crawl. That song sure was catchy. Fenton has to go. They should kill him off. Space Ghost is a repeat. Waiting on my Meatwad. That sounds dirtier than it is.


Well, of course you're waiting on your Meatwad.
Meatwad's got the money, see?
Meatwad's got the honeys, see?

Drivin' in my car,
livin' like a star,
ice on my fingers and my toes 'n' I'm a Taurus,
mm, check-check it, yeah

Fenton is pretty damned annoying... I'll have to catch the rerun to see what prompted this, though.


It's like workin' with children, Jerry.

Green ones.

Disagree. Fenton is NOT ruining the show. He's a new foil for them to play with. They'll get bored with him eventually.

Besides, it was well worth the annoyance just to see Shannon work him over last week.

Those boobs were way too freaky, though. I was squicking pretty badly.