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Let's Talk About: Scott Baio

scotty.gifThe reaction to my snipe at Scott Baio in this post surprised me. I didn't realize the guy still had so many fans! Now, please understand that I adore Scott Baio as much as the next guy or gal, but it doesn't bother you at all that the man hasn't done a decent thing since Charles in Charge circa 1984 and he's still got his mojo? How many of you could live on the things you did twenty years ago? Perhaps Scott does have something special. After all, it's kind of hard to pick up hot chicks when your newest claim to fame is that you're going to star in Baby Geniuses 2- a sequel to one of the worst movies ever made. And when the girl in questions says "Well, what else have you done lately that I would have seen?" and you can only answer oh, Disneyland Circus of the Stars, oh and I played a pig in the tv adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, wouldn't it only seem right if the girl - who obviously is looking for a star to hitch on to if she's hanging in the trendiest of trendy places - asked what Willie Aames has been doing lately and do you have his number? Ok, nevermind about Willie Aames. He's off being Bibleman. I don't think sleeping with loose women is in his repitoire these days. The thing is, I can almost see myself fawning over Scott if I ever met him. But it's more of a retro-crush kind of thing. Go back farther than Zapped, farther than Joanie Loves Chachi, farther than Happy Days. Go back to Bugsy Malone. Look at him! He was adorable! And he had the gangster look down pat for a kid. He just oozed Al Capone-ness. Maybe he took the script to Bugsy Malone, studied it, and figured out how he can make it work at 42 years old. He still has that gansta thing going on, he still struts like Capone and has the sinister air of John Dillinger. Chicks dig that. Then he flashes his $40,000 watch that he bought with the residual checks from Joanie Loves Chachi airing on Nick at Night, maybe buys the girl a fancy drink with an umbrella in it, and he's good to go. Ok, ok. I admit it. I wanted him when he was on Charles in Charge. That's right, I wanted Charles in charge of my days and nights. Punish me, Charles! I was a bad girl! Oh..... oh. Is this thing on? Sorry about that. I guess Scott's still got it. Well, I just realized he's directing now. Which explains all the hot chicks hanging on his arm. And scottbaio.com is available. If anyone wanted to start a fan site or anything. Just saying.


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Holy shit! My Joe looks just like him in that pic (with better hair, of course)!
And I always figured him an Al Pacino or Brandon Boyd. Thanks Michele. Soni loves Chachi. Great.

That should be "something else going for him."

Please. When the Fonz was around, there were no other males on that show.

I have to say that I never saw the big deal about Scott Baio. But I am ashamed to admit that in junior high school, I had a crush on Leif Garrett. Fortunately, I grew up. That's just one of those "What the hell was I thinking?" things.

Lesley, I don't know a single girl that grew up in that era that didn't have a crush on Leif Garrett.

Look at those eyes!

I suppose guys can play this game too:

I'm not sure that the computer geeks in the blogosphere are representative of America. It may just be mere coincidence that all 8 of his fans read your website.

ScottC: Joanie loves what!!??


MMM. Kristy McNichol and Tatum O'Neal. OK and Valerie Bertinelli, too.

Mmmmmm...how about Pam Dawber...?

oh gawd, I always loved Bugsy Malone. Great flick.

McGehee, I bet Joanie does love that!

Something tells me Howard and Mrs. C were none too happy...

You know, I was going to tell you it was too late, that my friendship with you was done forever, until you admitted that you want him.

Now that I know we have something in common, I can find it in my heart to forgive you.

This time.

But don't let it happen again.

(Oh Chachi, my Chachi... Joanie doesn't know you like I know you....)

Actually, Scott Baio was a regular on Diagnosis Murder with Dick Van Dyke. He played a doctor and I think also he was Van Dyke's son on the show. It was a much better show than Charles in Charge (ick).

A generation remembers Scott's amazing performances on Diagnosis Murder. Remembers and weeps.

(Okay, okay, I'm done having fun now. Promise.)

All kidding aside, I had no idea he was a moderately successful director and producer. That makes sense.

We can make all kinds of jokes about Ron Howard too (or, as Eddie Murphy calls him, "Opie Cunningham") but honestly, if you can hold an ongoing successful career in that town, that really is impressive.

Showbiz is an unforgiving bitch-goddess, as Bart Simpson has taught us all. ;-)

By the way, am I the only one who notices that Leif Garrett totally looks like a chick in that picture?

Jeez, no wonder Lesbian Chic is so big these days. All you 30- and 40-something women who were hot for Leif. Who'd 'a thunk it?

Didn't Scott baio win some kind of award on The Man Show for his sexual exploits? I seem to remember that they were going on about the fact that he'd not gotten any work lately as well.

And for those with a crush on dear Leif, has everyone noticed that he, like Ron Howard, is employing Hair Alternative Technique? Complete with the long ponytail. Sad really.

Shave your head and give it the old Willis try!

Scott Baio has three (3) Best Actor prizes from the Atlantic City Film Festival, the San Diego Film Festival and the Kansas City Halfway to Hollywood Film Festival for his lead performance in the independent movie "The Bread, My Sweet". Let those who are jealous of him and hate him for nothing go to hell! Scott Baio marches on! (Would those bastards have our Scott tragically end up like the poor late and sad Jonathan Brandis? Scott Baio is a survivor and that will never happen to him, no matter how much those human monsters like to hate him.)

Scott Baio has three (3) Best Actor prizes from the Atlantic City Film Festival, the San Diego Film Festival and the Kansas City Halfway to Hollywood Film Festival for his lead performance in the independent movie "The Bread, My Sweet". Let those who are jealous of him and hate him for nothing go to hell! Scott Baio marches on! (Would those bastards have our Scott tragically end up like the poor late and sad Jonathan Brandis? Scott Baio is a survivor and that will never happen to him, no matter how much those human monsters like to hate him.)

I also wish to add more recent showbiz news concerning Scott Baio. He will be seen making a cameo appearance in Wes Craven's new horror flick "Cursed". Internet gossip during the past few months that he had been cut from the movie eventually turned out to be false. As far as I know, Scott is still part of the ensemble cast. I am personally rooting for him in his showbiz career. He is being unfairly treated by the leftwing cultural elite in Hollywood. Scott Baio has the potential to do better things artistically and expand his capabilities. Breaks my heart to see him mocked and ridiculed so viciously. That's probably what finally killed the late Jonathan Brandis. And you know what? Some cruel bastards still enjoy tearing into him now that the poor boy is dead. As long as Scott Baio perseveres in his work and life, his enemies can never win against him. Let them pick on some other celebrity for a change.

I also wish to add more recent showbiz news concerning Scott Baio. He will be seen making a cameo appearance in Wes Craven's new horror flick "Cursed". Internet gossip during the past few months that he had been cut from the movie eventually turned out to be false. As far as I know, Scott is still part of the ensemble cast. I am personally rooting for him in his showbiz career. He is being unfairly treated by the leftwing cultural elite in Hollywood. Scott Baio has the potential to do better things artistically and expand his capabilities. Breaks my heart to see him mocked and ridiculed so viciously. That's probably what finally killed the late Jonathan Brandis. And you know what? Some cruel bastards still enjoy tearing into him now that the poor boy is dead. As long as Scott Baio perseveres in his work and life, his enemies can never win against him. Let them pick on some other celebrity for a change.

Did any of you guys see the recent appearance of Jason Bateman on the Tonight Show with host Jay Leno and guest Queen Latifah? Good grief!! The poor boy looked and sounded like he was high or stoned. Worst of all, Jason gleefully described how he had "pooped" on himself in a hotel bed after a tiring day on the set of a Canadian film. (Teen Wolf 2, anyone?) Talk about real yukky!

Compared to that disgusting public confession, SCOTT BAIO conducted himself with a lot more class, integrity and dignity during his interview on the TODAY morning show last November 2003 when he promoted "The Bread, My Sweet". If the ultimate price of a hit series like Arrested Development is such terrible public humiliation before a national audience of millions, then I would rather have my idol SCOTT BAIO not yet return to television with a hit show but that he still continue to evolve artistically and do honorable work in small independent movies, perhaps garnering some more festival trophies along the way. Honestly, what is the point of a Hollywood comeback if one is forced to suffer further public embarrassment like Jason Bateman?? Given the New Hollywood with all it's gross and vulgar trends, not to mention the intensely hostile antagonism of the powerful elite versus anything or anyone Republican (transforming the marginalized politically conservative Tinseltown artists into this period's oppressed minority like the Jews in WW2 and the Blacks prior to the Civil Rights era), one has to wonder if going back to the Vipers Nest is truly worth the effort at this point in time. KEEP THE FAITH AND PERSERVERE, SCOTT BAIO.

Reading the above comments by Marcus and Joey got me to ponder over the uneasy career dilemnas of many faded stars in Hollywood.
More often than not, they sadly end up as tabloid objects of pity and contempt, literally jumping from rehab clinics to reality shows.
Corey Feldman and company in The Surreal Life 1.
Erik Estrada and his gang in The Surreal Life 2.
Stephen Baldwin et al in Celebrity Mole.
Lorenzo Lamas in Are You Hot?
The pathetic list of infamous celebrities goes on and on.

Top honors should be given to MATT DILLON for paving the way years ago. He successfully metamorphosed from the breakout teen heartthrob of Little Darlings to the award-winning indy film actor of Drugstore Cowboy, even directing his first movie City Of Ghosts just recently.

In his own unique manner, SCOTT BAIO has also followed in Dillon's path, courageously seeking to expand his artistic horizons beyond Hollywood's negatively stereotyped miscasting of his real thespic abilities. He unexpectedly ventured into nonmainstream cinematic fare and collected accolades for them. (Take that, Scott Baio haters!!)
At the very least, this guy deserves profound admiration and respect for his indomitable persistence and survival within a ruthless industry dominated by hypocrites who would love to see him fail (simply because he's a Republican former teen idol).
Very few in his group or class would have accomplished as much as he's miraculously done under these adverse circumstances.

You were so right to quote Bart Simpson's assessment of the Hollywood jungle as an unforgiving bitch goddess. But may I add this further caveat:
Fifty years ago, Hollywood was an anti-Communist, witch-hunting bitch goddess. Hence, there was the "blacklist".
Nowadays, Hollywood is an anti-Christian, anti-conservative and anti-Republican showbiz career-destroying bitch goddess. There may not be a "blacklist" anymore but numerous industry insiders have acknowledged the sad existence of a "greylist".
You can bet your money that our SCOTT BAIO is a tragic victim thereof (like many other artists, stars and celebrities who didn't vote for the Democratic Party).

Very interesting discussion, people. The treacherous method of Hollywood ostracism known as "GRAY-LISTING" does indeed explain a lot of bad things regarding the fallen showbiz careers of particular stars and celebrities.

I first read about this secret phenomena in James Hirsen's best-selling expose TALES FROM THE LEFT COAST. Chapter 6 entitled "Reverse Blacklisting" has the following pertinent quotes:

1. "Author and activist David Horowitz says that the anti-conservative mood in Hollywood is real. He uses the term GRAY-LIST to describe its effect on careers. He says that to anyone involved in the entertainment business, the hatred of conservatives is obvious. And those in the industry who are sympathetic to conservative or Republican goals are terrified." (p. 160)

2. "There are more people with conservative beliefs in Hollywood than one would think, working in various places in the industry. Producers, directors, actors, musicians and other creative types running the gamut from staff technicians to well-known celebrities. And they've all verified one thing - when it comes to political viewpoints, the oppresive atmosphere that you hear about in Hollywood is definitely real." (pp. 163-164)

3. "In an industry where it's very difficult to move up the career ladder, people do miss out on opportunities if they have Republican sympathies."
(p. 166)

4. "If one is even perceived to be a Republican in Hollywood, there can be an excluding reaction and people genuinely resent you." (pp. 159-160)

5. "There are a lot of 'closet Christians' in Hollywood because they innately know there exists black-balling and prejudice against professed believers in the entertainment business." (p. 170)


Now, all you guys finally know what's really going on in Scott Baio's showbiz career during these last recent years.

(Part 1)

Scott Baio's legendary showbiz career began in kiddie commercials during the early 1970s. (A really cute and mischievous little tyke he was!) His first big break came in Alan Parker's gangster-musical "Bugsy Malone" (1976) where he played the title character opposite a very young Jodie Foster (a cult movie with a devoted following). They would later act together again in Adrian Lyne's "Foxes" (1977).

For nearly three decades, Mr. Baio consummately maintained his television stardom while many of his fellow teen idol rivals predictably vanished into obscurity after just a few years. From the short-lived "Blansky's Beauties" and "Who's Watching The Kids?" in the late 1970s to the long-running classic "Happy Days" and the cult sitcom "Charles-In-Charge" in the 1980s.

But when he finally left the mystery series "Diagnosis Murder" in the 1990s, the political atmosphere in Hollywood was already changing to the detriment of Republican stars. Three years at the decade's start, Vice-President Dan Quayle foolishly attacked "Murphy Brown"and enraged the powerful Hollywood liberals who united together in demolishing his political career. Afterwards, the impeachment proceedings against President Bill Clinton due to the Monica Lewinsky scandal further ignited the toxic hostility of leftwing celebrities versus anything Republican or conservative, even to the dangerous point of harming their innocent fellow artists within the industry.

Right-of-center actors and actresses, tragically lacking in box-office clout for their own protection, had to quietly endure professional stagnancy and setbacks during these years especially if they made the fatal mistake of publicly identifying themselves as Republicans in Hollywood.

NEXT TIME: Scott Baio becomes a victim of the New Hollywood Leftwing Cultural Oligarchy.

(Part 2)

I first sensed the impending dangers threatening Scott Baio's prolific showbiz career while reading a biased article on Hollywood politics in GEORGE magazine (the brainchild of Democrat prince charming JFK, jr.) in the middle of the 1990s. The writer not only stigmatized Scott as a young Republican but also maliciously contrasted him to the cast of "Friends" who all voted for the Democratic Party. The resulting negative implications of such an obvious hatchet job were cruel, unfair and deadly to his showbiz career.

(Truth be told, Mr. Baio cheerfully admitted his politics in a celebrity interview during the 1980s. A period when it was yet safe to be a Hollywood Republican. How times quickly changed for him and other unfortunate victims of the "Gray-List".)

Said damaging article was just the literal tip of the iceberg. After the issue came out, Scott Baio's fourishing showbiz career underwent a terrible dry spell. The Republican-hating powerbrokers of the industry viciously slammed their doors to him. But of course, those very same hypocrites continued to employ unrepentant drug addicts, substance abusers and sex offenders like Charlie Sheen, Rob Lowe, Christian Slater, Robert Downey Jr. and others.

(I personally cheered when GEORGE magazine ran out of business years later. Moreover, I must confess that I cannot help but feel the tragic planecrash was somehow partial retribution for this injustice committed against Mr. Baio. I know that it's wrong to think so but perhaps certain rules of karma simply won't be denied.)

At the end of the 1990s, Scott Baio was facing a major crisis in his professional showbiz career. Limited to making rare guest appearances and a few TV movies, he sought a primetime return to the familiar sitcom genre ("Rewind") but his valiant efforts were unsuccessful. In this problematic era, Scott kept busy with directorial assignments on various series. (His resume now boasts at least 12 directing stints.) Unfortunately , all of Mr. Baio's genuine hardwork led to zero in the New Hollywood where he yet suffers mistreatment as a celebrity outcast (like many Republican artists).

Something needed to be done.

COMING SOON: Scott Baio's Independent Film Adventures

(Part 1)

Now when I previously left our hero in a cliffhanger of sorts, Mr. Scott Baio was at an important crossroad after the "Rewind" fiasco. Mainstream Hollywood controlled by virulent anti-Republican powerbrokers spitefully excluded him from numerous acting jobs. His malicious enemies would love nothing better than to see him ultimately discarded as a forgotten teen idol has-been jettisoned among the pitiful ranks of grotesque ex-child stars. Awaiting him would be a pathetic celebrity life quagmire full of materialistic excesses, artistic burnout, addiction rehab counseling, tabloid notoriety, humiliating guest appearances in junk reality shows and a tragic desperation to win back vanished fame.

(There had been early plans for him and Corey Feldman to work together in a proposed reality-based series. But that project luckily never materialized. Corey went on to do "The Surreal Life". Scott did not. What a near close call and virtual blessing in disguise for him!!)

Instead, Scott Baio made a very fateful decision about his thwarted showbiz career. Rather than listlessly waiting for the industry's vultures to finish picking through the debris of his eclipsed stardom, this guy bravely abandoned the comfortable milieu of Tinseltown and riskily ventured into the unfamiliar landscape of INDEPENDENT CINEMA. It was quite a daring move, certainly not in keeping with Hollywood's plot to render him an obsolete fixture of the entertainment community.

NEXT TIME: "Very Mean Men" come "Face To Face".

(Part 2)

The start of the new millenium proved to be a highly auspicious development for Scott Baio. Together with his older brother Steven, he co-produced VERY MEAN MEN, a gangster comedy involving two syndicate families. The ensemble cast was headed by Matthew Modine, Martin Landau, Ben Gazzara, Burt Young and Louise Fletcher. Scott himself enacted the pivotal role of impetuous crime scion Paulie Minnetti. His astonishing performance garnered this laudatory quote from Variety: "a career-reviving turn by Scott Baio with hair dyed blonde and sporting a white goatee". (His new look was in evidence during a two-part guest appearance as Josh's wedding planner on Veronica's Closet.) This movie also collected a best editing prize in the Seattle Film Festival.

Next arrived FACE TO FACE, a bittersweet comic drama wherein three young men (Scott Baio, Thomas Calabro and Carlo Imperato) have to kidnap their emotionally distant fathers (Dean Stockwell, Alex Rocco and Joe Viterelli) for a weekend of genuine male bonding. The original screenplay had been written by Scott and Jeffrey Gurian, from a story authored by him, co-star Imperato and Adam Ferrara. (When asked by reporters during a press conference if any of the movie's elder characters were based on his own dad Mario, Scott deadpanningly responded, "No. He was a lot meaner.") This personal movie was selected by Film Threat (filmthreat.com/goreydetails) as one of the top ten independent pictures lacking a distribution deal. Nevertheless, it still won the best comedy feature trophy at the Marco Island International Film Festival.

NEXT TIME: Scott Baio cooks up "The Bread, My Sweet".

(Part 3)

The most valuable jewel within Scott Baio's crown of recent achievements has to be THE BREAD, MY SWEET (given the new title A WEDDING FOR BELLA when it came out in vhs and dvd home videos last month).

Directed by Melissa Martin and produced by Adrienne Wehr, this gentle romance starred Mr. Baio as Dominic Pyzola who's both a hard-edged corporate raider in the daytime and a kind-hearted local pastries chef at night. He almost lost this important role because some asshole talent representative of a well-known indy film starlet endeavored to pressure the moviemakers into dumping him. They refused to abandon Scott as their leading man and politely told said agent to go screw himself.

(Can you imagine the nerve of that bastard? Just how far must the pernicious tentacles of the Hollywood leftwing elite's "gray-list" be allowed to reach out and destroy an individual's showbiz career??? Those ruthless creeps won't leave him alone even on a very small miniscule-budgeted flick shot in Pittsburgh.)

This little cinematic gem received multiple top accolades from the Santa Monica, Stony Brook, Marco Island, Houston Worldfest and Iowa Hardacre film festivals. It continues to generate excellent notices in various American cities until today. Critical opinion has been mainly favorable, unanimously praising Mr. Baio in the lead role. Once again, the Film Threat website chose the movie as one of the top ten best motion pictures unseen by the general public. Definitely not bad for an independent film twice rejected by Sundance previously.

(Twice!! Good grief! Is there no greater evidence of unfair leftwing bigotry versus poor Scott?!?! For more dirt about old Robert Redford and his precious Sundance festival, I suggest you check out the book "Down And Dirty Pictures" by Peter Biskind.)

Most important of all, Scott Baio victoriously earned three best actor awards for THE BREAD, MY SWEET in the Atlantic City Film Festival, the Kansas City Halfway to Hollywood Film Festival and the San Diego Film Festival.

NEXT TIME: More stuff about "The Bread, My Sweet".

(Part 4)

Here are examples of Scott Baio's glowing reviews for THE BREAD, MY SWEET (courtesy of Dominic who originally posted them in another message board).

"Scott Baio is fantastic in one of his first major film roles."

"Baio's At His Best In 'Bread'......Scott Baio simply shines as Dominic."

"Scott Baio gives a surprisingly deep and convincing performance."

"Scott Baio, who plays a part-time baker and full-time corporate big-wig, is quite good. He exudes a naturalism, a compelling conviction that gives depth and meaning to the lines he delivers."

"Scott Baio, best-known as Chachi from TV's 'Happy Days' is wonderful as Dominic, the bakery owner who's stretched dangerously thin with a corporate day job.....Overall, 'The Bread, My Sweet' rises to the occasion and warms the heart while whetting the appetite. Moreover, it reminds us that Baio, who was terrific in 'Bugsy Malone' and 'Foxes' before being helplessly typecast by 'Happy Days', belongs on the big screen. In his scenes with Kristen Minter and especially Rosemary Prinz's immigrant mother, he exhibits a rugged charm that so far has eluded the likes of Tom Cruise and Ben Affleck."

The real surprise here, of course, is Scott Baio. Forget (if you can) his sitcom past and enjoy a deep rich performance here. Baio perfectly captures the anguish and anxieties of a man being pulled in multiple directions and by different expectations. Whether living the role of a Fortune 500 asshole or speaking with serene understanding among his problematic brothers, Baio invests the role with an emotional versatility that has never been seen in any of his previous performances. In small moments when his parallel worlds overlap, such as a boardroom meeting when he places a handful of macadamia nuts on a table and comments on their effectiveness in baking, Scott Baio comes alive with a subtle depth that clearly states what a truly fine actor he is."

(Curiously, if a Democrat-voting former teen idol accomplished the exact same thing, he'd be welcomed back into mainstream Hollywood with open arms. Not to mention a likely Golden Globe nomination in the comedy-musical category and a little Oscar buzz. Unfortunately, Republican artists still constitute the "niggers" of Tinseltown. Thus, no congratulatory parade for our Scott. Besides "Tales From The Left Coast" by James Hirsen, one may also read "Hollywood Interrupted" by Mark Ebner and Andrew Breitbart to understand more fully the negative political situation Mr. Baio confronts within the industry.)

COMING SOON: Scott Baio In Recent Years: The Challenges Ahead For Him


2003 turned out to be a relatively active year for Scott Baio in his enduring showbiz career.

After Film Threat magazine chose THE BREAD, MY SWEET as one of the top ten best independent movies genuinely needing wider distribution, it was luckily picked up for national release and exhibited at various selected arthouse theaters around the country. He spent much time doing the necessary promotional appearances on behalf of said film.

October of that year saw him getting interviewed by Lester Holt on NBC's Today morning program. In January 2004, The Desert Sun newspaper of Palm Springs, California featured the latest article regarding him and this motion picture: "Known For TV Work, Scott Baio Wows Film Critics" by Kelly O'Connor.

Previously, Mr. Baio also starred in a humorous television commercial with no less than Mel Gibson for the LASSO charity organization. He played an overspeeding driver of a flashy sportscar who's caught red-handed by Gibson's motorcycle policeman along the interstate highway. But rather than issuing a ticket, Mel spoke about LASSO and permitted Scott to go free with this gentle warning: "Drive safely, Chachi!"

Moreover, he signed up for a cameo role in director Wes Craven's horror flick CURSED. Early-on-the-set reports described his scenes with Mandy Moore at a boisterous Halloween party. Negative gossip alleging his sudden removal from the movie later proved to be entirely untrue.

Quashing such malicious rumors, The Los Angeles Daily News printed the following item on January 20, 2004: "Scott Baio Talks About Playing Himself In Cursed." He was quoted therein as saying: "It was a chance to work with some good people. But playing yourself is always fairly risky because you gotta watch how you goof on yourself. I told them (Craven and screenwriter Kevin Williamson): you guys can make fun of me all you want but keep it to where it's not completely insulting. They said: whatever you want to change, let us know. As it turned out, we didn't have to change a thing."

In the current months of 2004, Scott Baio was interviewed further by other periodicals to coincide with the DVD release of A WEDDING FOR BELLA (the new title of THE BREAD, MY SWEET).

He gamely answered Stupid Questions for Entertainment Weekly in their February 6 Special Oscar Guide Double Issue. Scott wittily talked about the different versions of the Fonz's legendary jacket and poked fun at the erroneous tales of his premature demise in a 1997 car accident.

Playgirl's March issue enticed lady readers to get "In Bed With Scott Baio". The article's opening line states "He played Chachi and Charles but now we find out how he plays Prince Charming".

NEXT TIME: Where do you go from here, Chachi?


Meanwhile, what other upcoming ventures does Scott Baio have ready in the next year or so? The pop culture grapevine logically suggests his eventual return to television. After all, Jason Bateman struck gold with "Arrested Development" and Ted McGinley is presently doing "Hope and Faith". Plus a number of Brat Packers keep showing up in various TV programs (Rob Lowe, Kiefer Sutherland, Andrew McCarthy, Anthony Michael Hall, Balthazar Getty, etc.)

However, I personally do not want to see Mr. Baio's television return anymore. The present network honchos will likely mistreat him as an older third-rate version of Matt LeBlanc (Let Tony Danza have that job!) They shall doubtlessly waste his precious talents anew. As far as such narrow-minded bastards are concerned, he is just another real-life personification of "Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star". (By the way, Scott's refusal to participate in the atrocious music video thereof was truly one of his best decisions ever. This guy is working quite hard to distance himself away from those other ex-child stars who've prostituted their integrity for rancid tabloid celebrityhood.)

Going back under these adverse circumstances may be a tragic step in the wrong direction for his vulnerable showbiz reputation. (And let's not forget about the ubiquitous "Gray-List" either.)


Among his peers, a courageous few triumphantly rebelled versus mainstream Hollywood's stereotypical judgment of their abilities. Fellow ex-teen idol Matt Dillon won the 1989 Independent Spirit Best Actor prize for "Drugstore Cowboy" and recently garnered kudos for his premiere directorial effort "City Of Ghosts". Ralph Macchio, the original Karate Kid, has become a surprisingly gifted short filmmaker whose mini-movie "Love Thy Brother" delighted festival audiences. And who might have thought that Luke Perry of "Beverley Hills 90210" possessed the guts to make a semi-regular appearance in the prison cable drama "Oz", complete with gritty violence and frontal male nudity??

There is no reason on earth why Scott Baio can't follow them and pursue his own unique journey towards artistic growth.

NEXT TIME: Storm Clouds Over The Horizon - Can Scott Baio Survive The Return Of The "Gray-List"?


Nevertheless, I respectfully wish Scott Baio all the positive luck in this knockabout world. I also vow as a dedicated fan to continue supporting him whether he ultimately lands quality acting jobs either on primetime television or independent cinema. All of us loyal enthusiasts hopefully assume that several imminent projects are currently being negotiated and developed for him at this opportune moment.

However, Scott must decisively act now before the zealots of the new Hollywood leftwing cultural oligarchy (justifiably undermined and discredited at this present time for now) shall become fearfully regalvanized in the event of a John Kerry presidential victory when the year closes. If that should occur, he faces the grave danger of painfully reliving through again the nightmarish career-killing P.C. monomania of Tinseltown from which he barely escaped in the late 1990s.

When the "Gray-List" first reared it's ugly head then, Mr. Baio and a lot of performers were totally caught by surprise. The grievous cost for such negligent lack of vigilance was the brutal devastation of their respective showbiz careers. He just cannot afford to let it happen a second time. Repeat. SCOTT BAIO CANNOT ALLOW HIMSELF TO BE THE VICTIM OF A SECOND "GRAY-LIST".

Given this looming menace against his recuperating stardom, Scott Baio has no choice except to undertake vital precautions for his own defense and survival within the industry. At the very least, a healthy number of onscreen assignments must be secured by his loyal talent representatives for him at all costs within the next months. Independent movie and TV work that safely keeps him far away from the hostile clutches of vindictive showbiz leftwingers is always a good thing. (God only knows how much more arrogantly vicious those people will become once their favorite political party recaptures the White House again.)

If a particular situation calls for ruthlessness, Scott already has my permission as well as my blessings. (Not that he should ever need or want them, of course!) Anyone maliciously causing damage to his fragile showbiz reputation should pay a high price for it. They must "bleed" for such cruel privileges, figuratively if not literally. I am quite sure that every Baio fan would agree if they considered his lengthy victimization during the past several years.

NEXT TIME: The Dangers of Political Turncoatism in the New Hollywood.


Given his bitter past showbiz experiences, Scott Baio ought to avoid political controversies which might result from the unwise temptation to change party alliances for the sake of materialistic convenience in Tinseltown. Going from Republican to Democrat may provide short-term advantages yet they are heavily outweighed by deadlier long-term consequences. (One side will always feel betrayed and the other side will never completely accept the poor defector within their ranks.)

Sylvester Stallone once attempted to do it a few years ago (during the height of the "Gray-List") but his showbiz career remains still flushed down the toilet. (Witness his current troubles in his lawsuit versus MGM.) And who seriously listens to Arianna Huffington and Tucker Carlson after they joined the virulent Bush haters??

The late beloved President Ronald Reagan may have been a fine example of a successful Democrat-turned-Republican but keep in mind that he needed to leave his own showbiz career very far behind and such risky transition occurred safely during the 1960s.

(People ought to have a little fun, humorously analyzing the vague statements of particular leftwing Hollywood celebrities about his recent demise. When Dustin Hoffman says, "I never voted for him but he would have been my friend if I actually met him.", what the heck does this guy mean? That Republicans are worthwhile friends only when they're dead?? And when they're still alive, Republicans should be treated as enemies??? Well, that certainly explains a lot about the new Hollywood's scurvy treatment of Republican artists!!!!)

In the final analysis, Hollywood indeed doesn't like Republicans but political turncoats and traitors are despised even much more. (Look at how the great director Elia Kazan was ostracized by many of them.)

Hollywood Republicans should watch these motion pictures: Vittorio De Sica's "The Garden Of The Finzi-Continis" (for progressive elitist Republicans like Governator Arnold S.), Agnieszka Holland's "Europa, Europa" (for Independents, Libertarians and other quick-minded conservative rogues hell-bent on showbiz survival) and Roman Polanski's "The Pianist" (for Mr. Baio and other tragic scapegoats of the new Hollywood leftwing cultural oligarchy).

Yes, Chachi. If Wladyslaw Szpilman miraculously survived the Holocaust, you will also eventually triumph over the "Gray-List". But please always remember: Nowadays, the most dangerous "fascists" are not coming from "the right" anymore. Especially in Hollywood.

NEXT TIME: Conclusion and Addendum.

(Conclusion and Final Warning)

In conclusion, Mr. Scott Baio has done a fairly meritorious job of surviving within the venomously rancorous and grotesque leftist cause-advocating entertainment industry. Yet, he must persevere in keenly expanding his thespic qualifications and other artistic gifts while shrewdly conducting his valuable business relationships despite numerous jealous foes or unfair liabilities.

However, this crucial warning has to be reiterated and reemphasized on Scott's behalf. If and when the New Hollywood Leftwing Cultural Oligarchy together with the Liberal Media Elite Forces become victorious in knocking down the administration of President George W. Bush, those very same hordes will afterwards refocus their malevolent attention upon the vulnerable showbiz careers of any Tinseltown Republicans. Once the main quarry is harpooned and devoured, they will feast on the smaller, more innocent prey. Just like they did before in the late 1990s.

(According to "Entertainment Tonight", another Republican-voting former child star Rick "Ricky" Schroeder moved his entire family away from Hollywood and back to Texas where his parents live. You guys do the math and figure out the rest.)

Mr. Baio should not fool himself into thinking he might be spared or left alone. We all mistakenly believed that and yet look at what happened to him during the end of the 1990s. He must never forget the painful and difficult lessons of the "Gray-List". Only the very shrewd, the very strong and the very lucky can survive these worsening dark times for Hollywood Republicans. Scott has to be all three: shrewd, strong and, if not lucky, ruthless. Particularly in dealing with one's enemies. Make them bleed, Chachi. For the sake of your recovering showbiz career, please make your enemies bleed. A lot.

At the very least, a healthy number of onscreen assignments must be secured by his loyal talent representatives for him at all costs within the next months prior to the elections. Independent movie and TV work that safely keeps him far away from the hostile clutches of vindictive showbiz leftwingers is always a good thing.

(His mere attendance of the Reagan funeral, a laudable act of patriotism by any standards, was yet unjustly criticized among querelous goons whose deep-seated prejudices against him viciously extends beyond all normal human knowledge and sympathies. Their monstrous hatred versus Scott purely boggles the imagination. They refuse to give him credit for anything except his own celebrity suicide. But such creatures are doomed to wait in vain forever. Scott Baio will never give them cruel satisfaction.)

The more festival prizes Scott Baio can win in subsequent movies after THE BREAD, MY SWEET, the better for him in the coming years ahead. He should never allow Tinseltown's leftist elites and their backstabbing cohorts to maliciously obstruct his further artistic development. Not this time. Not ever again.

NEXT TIME; Clues about Scott Baio's future potential mysteriously hinted in "Entertainment Weekly". (addendum)

Inquiring minds want to know about some of the facts displayed in this article. First inquiry, how do you know that he paid $40,000 for his watch? Second inquiry, does anyone have a picture of Scott at Ronald Reagan's funeral?

I just finished watching "A Wedding For Bella". I thought it was pretty good, and he's still very sexy. I wish it was "A Wedding For Dianna". I would love to star in a movie with him someday and also marry him and have his kids.

We momentarily interrupt the foregoing discussions to make this special announcement.

To all Scott Baio fans:

SUPERBABIES: BABY GENIUSES 2 starring Scott Baio, Vanessa Angel and Academy Award winner Jon Voight will be released into U.S. theaters beginning sometime on August 27. (Kindly check your local listings for the movie's scheduled openings in particular towns and cities.)

In support of our much-maligned favorite actor, Baio fans and sympathizers are encouraged to watch this family-oriented sci-fi comedy. Bring your friends and close relatives. Treat yourselves to a holiday outing afterwards. Eat at a good restaurant. Go shopping at the malls. Party down at a club or hot spot. Enjoy the whole day!!!

A number of us, who've gotten to despise the New Hollywood leftwing establishment, plan to view the movie TWICE. Said action is going to be our little way of signalling our mass displeasure versus the hatred-spewing Tinseltown celebrities and their intolerantly leftist political agendas. Such personalities have contributed to an oppressive industry environment which ultimately resulted in the phenomena known as the "Gray-List".
(Rest assured. If and when John Kerry becomes the new President, any Hollywood Republicans who don't possess the needed box-office clout to save themselves from the Oligarchy, will find their showbiz careers in jeopardy once again.)

But rather than engaging in negative activities like boycotts or a new blacklist against the proponents of this New Hollywood Cultural Oligarchy, let all of us spend our money positively by rewarding those stars or artists who have been savagely victimized for their conservative or right-of-center politics.
(For example, instead of boycotting the Dixie Chicks, buy two or more CDs of Mandy Moore and
Jessica Simpson. Instead of blacklisting the foul-mouthed Whoopi Goldberg, buy two or more tickets to see Dennis Miller's acerbically wittier comedy act.)

See it ONCE for Chachi!
See it TWICE for the country!!

We now return to our normally scheduled programming. Thank you very much.

"Super Babies: Baby Geniuses 2" will be Scott Baio's first film in wide release since "Zapped!".

Does anyone remember "Zapped!"?


In his review of SUPER BABIES: BABY GENIUSES 2, film critic Joel Siegel humorously makes this interesting point. He essentially said: Scott Baio ought to be a campaign issue during the presidential elections. Why? Because if our favorite teen icon of the 1980s can get acting jobs today, it means that EVERYBODY in the Screen Actors Guild must be happily working too. And if such is the case, the U.S. economy has to be booming like crazy!!! (So go out and vote for George W. Bush!!!!)

Quite funny indeed. However, said comments do embody a significantly serious grain of truth. If John Kerry does get elected, Mr. Baio and other publicly-identified Hollywood Republicans gravely need to reassess their vulnerable showbiz career options and smartly put into motion alternative back-up employment stratagems (for the very reasons which I discussed in my third essay above).

Once the leftwing media elites and the cultural oligarchy of Tinseltown destroy their main quarry, rest assured those forces will hunt down and victimize the smaller more innocent prey. Just like they did before in the 1990s.

Dangerous time ahead for you, Chachi.
Don't be foolishly naive a second time.
Be shrewd. Be strong. Be lucky.
And if you can't be lucky, be ruthless.
The ultimate survival of your showbiz career depends on it.

As a necessary supplement to the foregoing discussions about the political intolerance of the New Hollywood leftwing cultural elites, here are more relevant quotes from HOLLYWOOD INTERRUPTED by Andrew Breitbart and Mark Ebner:

1. "A large swath of the celebrity class has begun morphing into obnoxious vessels of unequaled political vitriol espousing a religious zeal for extremist politics and exposing a Taliban-like hatred for anyone who might disagree." (p. 209)

2. "Celebrities who disagree with Hollywood's establishment exist in an ideological Siberia where publicly disagreeing with David Geffen, Steven Spielberg and their Democratic National Committee-supporting clonelike minions translates into something akin to career suicide." (p. 215)

3. "What the Hollywood crowd is now experiencing is a different kind of McCarthy era, one in which they're the ones behaving like the fascists they so volubly claim to despise." (p. 217)

4. "Actually, it seems that if you want to work regularly in Hollywood at all, you can't be the sort of character who publicly sympathizes with the conservative half of the American population." (p. 220)

5. "Political correctness has become the primary weapon used by those in Blue Country (Hollywood, elitists, Democrats, mainstream media, academia, multiculturalists, et al.) to squelch the ideas and speech of those in Red Country (Middle America, conservatives, Republicans), creating a uniform social consciousness that appears to celebrate diversity and tolerance, but rejoices only in its own narrow and condescending perspective." (p. 240)

6. "No Hollywood affliction over the last 20 years has been as obvious and odious as full-blown PC. Careers have been built on its very premise." (And jeopardized or even destroyed because of it.)
"Whether they'll admit it or not, studio executives, actors and the rest of Hollywood's elite hierarchy use political correctness as an illegitimate and undemocratic method to ram their narrow, dysfunctional, condescending moral and political values down the rest of our throats in a very un-American way." (pp. 240-241)

7. "Though it may sound innocuous, PC has the cultural effect of stifling dissent. PC is to discourse what the left says McCarthyism was to politics. It stifles free speech so much so that it is routinely wielded by Hollywood as a tool to squelch any views but those held by her elites." (p. 256)

8. "Stars and entertainment execs not attuned to the politically correct way of thinking cower from dissent, fearful of being called racist, sexist, homophobic, or any other all-purpose impossible-to-defend slander. Even the accusation of operating outside the boundaries of political correctness is enough to put a damper on one's professional life." (p. 257)

Any Scott Baio fan must, at the very least, know about these cruel and difficult workaday realities in the New Hollywood.