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Silly Commercials

The huge adult video store here in Austin is running radio ads that have the line "if you don't have time to come..." I think what follows is something about their website. But I can never listen past that because I'm laughing too hard. If you don't have time to come, what are you doing picking out adult videos?


Personally, I've always had issues with what comes to mind when I hear "Coming up on Food Network" (but maybe that's just me...)

"Listen, kid: When I tell you to come, I want you come, alright? Aww... are you gonna cry now? Is the little baby gonna cry?"
--Scott Farcus, right before Ralphie beats the crap out of him, in A Christmas Story

Thanks a lot. Now I'll never be able to watch that scene the same way again. :p

Especially since Scottie boy is now a porn star.

Or is that Flick?

Billboard in Houston for the a Men's entertainment club reads "The Men's Club. It's too hard to leave".

Dave - think that one was intentional?

This post was mine, but early in the morning I completely forgot no one would know that!

Yeah, I believe it was Beth.