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Because of the cross-over success of The Lord Of The Rings, it is predicted that many other fantasy stories will be rendered for the Big Screen in the future.
Among the potentials being considered is The Elric Saga.

This is one series I'd love to see made, but only if it's done right, of course.
A story this complex and intricate needs a director like Jackson or similar. someone who has worked in the genre before.
And who wants to treat it?

Brothers Chris and Paul Weitz (American Pie, About a Boy).

"'These British sword-and-sorcery books contain parallel universes, multiple manifestation and metaphysical wars," says Chris, who just bought his first copy of a special-effects magazine. "

Please, oh please don't screw it up. Please don't cheap out on the special effects or rely too heavily on CGI ala Hulk. Please cast unknowns for most of the primary parts. And please, no scatalogical humor!

But just out of curiousity, for anyone familiar with the books; who would best portray Elric? Or Yyrkoon? Or Arioch?



Part of LOTR's success was that it came out at a time when many people wanted to see, and believe in, a simple good-vs-evil story.

As those of us who have read the 'Elric' saga know, that's the antonym of what he was writing.

I don't think that a series of movies about a lead character who's an evil sociopath who only looks good because he's continually up against even worse chaotic evil psychopaths is gonna go far...

BTW, I did like the books, it's just the books are about a guy who's only the lesser of two evils.

that's what I liked about the stories; Elric was just as bad as most of the baddies. You make a good point, but I do think it's a story than can cross over to moving pictures effectively and successfully, if done right anyway.
Maybe it would be better if animated, though.

Spawn is a good example;great as an animated feature, sucked as a live action film.

I personally enjoyed the character of Elric, constantly battling his inner demons, trying to do the right thing but screwing it up a good most of the time. Very human for a Melnibonean, I'd say.
Another I'd like to see is Bio Of A Space Tyrant, pretty much the same concept of Lesser Evils, though.

I wish they'd make a movie out of The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant (both of them). Those books are truly amazing.

hey, yeah! That's a great series. Over at Chapel we were also talking about a few of Piers Anthony's series as well as Amber by Zelazny.

Hmmm. Xanth in the movies. Intriguing.

The Xanth novels are shallow and lighthearted enough that just about anybody could probably make a decent enough movie. However, if the first one is a hit we'll be looking at pun filled fantasy movies for the next 15 years - a frightening thought!

I can't see Elric being made into a decent movie. it's way too complex. Who are you going to root for? The casual movie person who has not read the books is not going to like Elric - and I don't think the depth of the chararcter can get through in 3 hours.

A sci-fi channel mini series over 8 or 10 hours might be able to do it though.

I love Elric, however, I'd rather see it left alone than done badly. Which I think it would be.
Now Hawkmoon that would be easier and more accesable.





I agree that Elric might translate better into animation. Additionally, if it is marketed to adults, it can include some of the actual content without too much censorship.
As a live action movie, I fear that it will be short, dumbed-down, and with a "message" that makes PC folks happy.
The "Amber" series might be a better fit for the movies, though. The intense character focus can be communicated well, and there are "Earth" sections that can save the production some money in adapting existing locations.

On the plus side, Blue Oyster Cult wrote the title track 20 years ago, so no worries there.

David Bowie.