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Is this thing on?

It being January, and the time for resolutions never kept, someone at work had the brilliant idea that we should join Weight Watchers At Work for a discount rate. So, that's $131 I've probably just thrown away.

And then there's the purchase of a Tony Little Gazelle. $94, but at least I own this piece of equipment, unlike that gym membership I squandered two years ago.

Anyway, Tony Little. Have you guys seen him on infomercials? The guy is constantly in a state! of! EXCITEMENT! I bet that burns more calories than his exercise equipment.

I'd ask you to take bets on the success rate of my little experiment here, but none of you know me. So instead, lets take bets on Tony Little's at rest heart rate.



Which Gazelle did you get? I have the really old one, but the movers lost the base, and I need to buy a new one. I'm not about to pay the infomercial price, either.

I got the Gazelle Edge. It was $94 at KMart but I assume it'll do the job if I actually use the thing.

Did you use yours before the movers lost the base? Does it work?