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Purple Reigns (and Brian Kinney is my LOVE)

What eveeeeeeeeeeer with the true confessions and Rocky Horror crap,
PURPLE RAIN is theee best album EVER. And Queer as Folk is as intriguing as Twin Peaks, but with different babes.. Let's hear it for Brian Kinney and Special Agent Cooper!!!!!


Purple Rain album best ever?! The video might be ONE of the best album based movies, but not the album itself. Best album of all time is still Hotel California.

Eagles: OVER-RATED. The only more over-rated band is the Beatles.

But what about Brian???????
ghasp sigh.
Hotel California is great too, but Purple Rain is perfect. Still reigns as my best through thick and thin.

I always thought Dark Side of the Moon was the best album ever?
The beatles were great.

Was that from you, Sondra? You should go back and sign it.

Dark Side is great...
I think our faves depend on what side of the moon we were on at the time.... HA!

Can't go back now, Tanya, you've outed me!
Forgot about "Heaven and Hell/Black Sabbath". Oy, Michele, kill me for what you've done:)...and Tanya, too!

Purple Rain is, indeed, a great album -- the only Great album Prince ever made.

Except the title track -- slow, boring, and monotonous. And what the HELL is "purple rain" supposed to be or mean, anyway?

It means it's the only song on the album that sucks. But what is a great album without a song that humbles the rest of them and makes you stop and appreciate the others? And what would he have called the movie???