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Whatever Happened to Saturday Night?

I first started going to see the midnight showings of "Rocky Horror" because my buddies from high school had been going for several weeks. It was fun. I met a lot of girls there, or through others I met there. Had some five-or-six-week romances. Er, et cetera.

Our theater had a regular "cast" -- and I played Eddie. At least, until my weight-loss project began to work out, and I decided I wasn't, er, "husky" enough to resemble Meat Loaf anymore.

I even originated some audience-participation lines that became popular at that theater. Picture this, as Brad, Janet, Magenta, Columbia and Riff Raff are riding up to the laboratory for Rocky's unveiling:

Second floor! Fans, pans, coffee cans, Roasters, toasters and Meat Loaf posters Watch your step! Third floor, transvestites! Two-for-one sale this week only!

And the following week someone would invariably throw in that "two-for-one sale" line, only to be told by several others in the audience, "That was LAST week!"

Tell you who I am? Are you nuts!?

[just popped back in to correct a typo]


It is absolutely nothing personal, I assure you, when I tell you that when I am world dictator, you and everyone else involved with that thing will be mercilessly slaughtered, and (after death, only the slaughtering is merciless, but I'm not a needlessly cruel world dictator to be) crucified along major highways As An Example To The Others.

Honest. It's not you. It's that thing. Some stains don't come off, and some sins cannot be atoned for.