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Bums need the Money

Twice in the past week I've heard a commercial on the local "Urban" station (don't ask) imploring people not to ignore bums and beggars on the street. The DJ tells us that he guarantees that that guy needs it more than anyone we know. Guarantees. He then tells us that it will come back to us 10-fold.

This annoys me. There are no shortage of people to help in the world, but just because a bum MIGHT be needy, doesn't mean (s)he is. Just because someone MIGHT be needy doesn't mean we should help them. Give your dollar that you don't need to a shelter. Give it to Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Give it to me.

Why on earth would a radio station run a PSA like that? Did they run out of real PSA's and need something to make their quota? Whatever the reason, it annoys me.

[By: Pete]


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