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Confessional confidentiality

Michele pleads for names if we are going to list embarrassing facts.

Ok, guys. If you are going to post embarassing content, you have to leave your name. What's the point of confessing something if we don't know who you are? How will your soul ever be cleansed like that?

I'm not Catholic, but I don't think that's the way it works. At least, in the movies, the confessional is always confidential. I think people could at least post a *hint* about their real identity, but save the truth for those who can figure out the hints.

Confessionally, ...
I was not a big Rocky Horror fan, either...
I paid good money to see "Corvette Summer" with Mark Hamill...
I bought - and wore - a pair of Mork from Ork suspenders...
... and a shiny metallic thin red "new wave" tie.
Many of my favorite performers seem to be homosexual (Michael Stipe, Ani DiFranco, Bob Mould, I'm not sure about Natalie Merchant, David Sedaris)

You'd have to know me to understand why that last one is confessional.

From the lone star to the palmetto...


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Someone who moved from Texas to Florida, perhaps?

I seem to remember hearing that Ani DiFranco is straight; that she married her soundman. I could be wrong.


The Palmetto State is South Carolina, heck it's even on our flag! That should narrow it down a bit, 'cus there ain't a lot of SC bloggers (Assuming it's a blogger instead of a wanna-be like me)

Yes, that does narrow it down a bit, now doesn't it. ;-)