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Pop Culture True Confessions 2

Hello, my name is John, (pauses waits to hear Hi, John; but hearing nothing, continues) and I never "got" Rocky Horror Picture Show. Oh sure, I went to the midnight shows frequently and did the "Time Warp" in the aisles, but, truth is, I was only there to pick up drunk girls. I first attributed this to the excuse that I never actual heard the dialog, at least from the actual screen actors. But when I finally did rent the movie, I had to look deep inside me and admit that I would never understand the popularity of that transsexual from Transylvania.

I was so happy when they started having midnight movies of Animal House and The Warriors. By the way, do they still have such a thing as midnight movies?


We used to go to the RHPS at midnight. We also did midnight showings of The Kids Are Alright, some Oingo Boingo movie and lots of bad sci-fi.

I recently saw a midnight showing of Office Space.

I believe you have my stapler...

What about movies on television late at night? or Saturday/Sunday afternoons? One used to be able to watch that stuff and sometimes it would be a good movie. Now its all infomercials..and frankly they suck.