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Can this be? Am I actually at the controls of the Web's Greatest Blog?

Hmmmmmmmmmm. The possibilities are endless. Did you guys know that Michele voted for Ralph Nader in the last election? I know! Can you believe it? Well, I voted for the GoreBot, so I have nothing to brag about.

I think I will actually take this opportunity to announce that my blog is moving to its very own server. The place still smells kind of like fresh paint and you might want to check things before you lean on them, but it is ready for your inspection. My twin brother did all the heavy lifting, so I owe him and Adam, my new bandwidth provider, a huge debt of thanks.

So come on down! There's door prizes and canapés and an open bar at the new Sketches of Strain!

Thanks, Michele, for letting me use this space for a little shameless self promotion.

David Strain

(BTW, if you can't get the site just yet, wait a bit. My brother has just informed me that the DNS server needs to propagate, or something, spreading out like ripples in a pond or some other such colorful anaology.)


If you don't start using the right link to my site, I swear I'm a-gonna choke you. (hand, forehead, smack)

It's http://www.wasuvi.com/MT

I paid for the domain, let's use it. It's been, like, a whole year....