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Michele, I think this is a great idea. So much so, that I kinda, you know, stole it. Tomorrow night - and every Sunday, you're welcome to drop by. In any case, the main reason I am posting here is because I thought this was the most adorable freakin' picture in the world and it was posted here last week!! I've been showing it to everyone. Finally - and unrelated - if you're interested in total idiotarianism, go here.

(How's that for a random post?)

- Michael D.

UPDATE: Speaking of John's post above. "Saturday Night" got me thinking. I'm betting Howard Dean gets torn to shreds tonight on SNL.


SNL is a rerun tonight I think. =/

Aw man, I thought you meant he was going to be on SNL. I was about to have a seizure of joy in anticipation.


Damn! I was looking forward to seeing what they'd do!!!